A Short Q and A on a Friday in May

Very proud momma, here. Zach created the logo for his friends’ cafe. I’m proud. Mother D in art here……..he didn’t get it from me. Can you see the panther?

What was your last bump in the road?

Here’s few or our bumps. They are bumps. Not potholes. (lol)
*Ordered a coat for Fireman’s birthday . Cancelled the coat. Received the coat. Like the coat. Attempting to pay company….

*I’m not driving the dang truck enough. I’m starting to fear it. Are you driving a lot less due to restrictions?

*Zach still has no iPhone. We are finding other ways. I am learning not to give unasked for advice….AGAIN. Am I ever going to master this art?

*My Kindle is finally working and I get it. That whole debacle was a big bump. But it is worth it. I’m reading again: but I should be listening so I can knit at the same time.

*Fireman had me pulling dandelions HIS way and I shouldn’t have. It hurt my thumb. Soreness, no blood. I went back to my way.

*I want to do something different. : Here are my current thoughts:

-buy chickens to raise

-foster kittens

-keep cycling 20 plus miles twice a week with Fireman on trails

-plan 4 day trips. I have put a comfort limit on trips. I don’t like leaving home, and Covid is making that way too comfy.

-I’d love to meet my sister and al at a common place. We all are 6 hours apart from Omaha…..

-I may learn to press flowers..

How about you? Any bumps in your road? Any new ways you want to spend your time?

So , I wanted to stop and take some photos on our bike trip yesterday. The trail was muddy in just a few spots, but in those spots, swarms of bugs attacked us. When I looked down to get back on my pedals, I found a nice clean 20 dollar bill laying at my foot. 🙂

That was fun. When was the last time you found some money?

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15 thoughts on “A Short Q and A on a Friday in May

  1. Shortly after we were married we took a long road trip through the southwest and California to check out VA hospital jobs. We stopped at the overlook by Hoover Dam; as we pulled into the parking lot another car pulled out… and left a bundle of bills on the pavement. By the time we figured out what had happened they were long gone. The bills were all old, so we took them to a coin dealer and sold them for more than face value. This was back in 1975 when we had no money, so it was a windfall for sure.


  2. I think there’ll be many people who are not driving very much at the moment. I actually got rid of my car about eighteen months ago, it was handy to have when the kids were young but I hated driving and didn’t drive very far at all so it wasn’t worth keeping once the kids left home. I wonder now if I’ll ever get behind the wheel of a car again. Funny you should mention finding money, Mick was giving Archie his last walk one night last week and found a five pound note.


  3. I had a bump today. I was beyond happy to have finally found some in stock tissues on Amazon. I waited two weeks for them to get here. UPS said they were delivered but they weren’t. I was livid. Then I got an email from UPS saying they were lost or damaged and I need to file a claim for my $16. Reordered tissues and now have to wait for two more weeks for them to arrive. I did get paper towels delivered from Walmart today and am expecting toilet paper tomorrow. I’ve been very paper product deprived. I’ll never get caught under stocked again.


  4. Beautiful bike trail ahead of you! Glad you looked down and got paid for your troubles! lol
    My road finally is smooth….I’m going to savor that for a long while, Lord willing.


  5. Bump – Just the fact that I can’t hug my son or grandsons. That is the worst part of this for me.

    Driving Less – For sure. I am driving about once a week now just to get out of the house and a change of scenery.

    Buy chickens to raise? – I think you would totally adore having chickens and the perk of getting fresh eggs is wonderful.

    When was the last I found money? – Does getting a $25 gift certificate for yarn count? 🙂


  6. I’m quite comfortable staying close to home: I’ve come to appreciate my new apartment even more and grateful I moved when I did. Love the trail photo! Finding the $20 bill is fantastic.


  7. No bumps in the road here, other than the BIG COVID bump. Our province is slowly getting back to a new normal and opening up a little. I bought a couple of new tops from a store recently – made an appointment and had the place to myself.
    Company coming today – our Vancouver daughter and her little family. Can hardly wait. We’re encouraged to expand our bubbles a bit now – for us that means family get togethers!
    I haven’t found money for a long, long time. But I found sea glass on the beach and I like that, too.
    New ways to spend time….nope, I have so many ideas and things to do that I just want more time to do what I’m already doing.

    Have a good weekend.


  8. At home time during this virus has made me want to start walking–maybe even hiking. I think I will start small! There are at least three other things I want to start doing. Maybe covid-19 has made me more aware of my mortality.

    At the beginning of winter, I took an old coat out of the closet to decide if it was worth keeping. I decided to put it in the give away bag and checked the pockets for stray Kleenex. I found $5 in the pocket and still can’t remember how it came to be there.

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  9. Go for the chickens! I bet you’d love it!
    (The last time I found money . . . was a quarter in the driveway. Your $20 is a total jackpot!!!)

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  10. The $20 is a gift that you should spend it on something that you really want to do! It looks like buying some chickens is in your future!

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  11. *Any bumps in your road?
    Because of COVID, Dave’s hours are way down, and my pay has been cut by almost $400 a month (for the same amount of work!). But I’m trying to be grateful that will still have jobs and can still eat and keep a roof over our heads.
    That’s probably about our only bump right now, but it’s a good solid one!
    *Any new ways you want to spend your time?
    I really want to get our online quilt shop up and running. But I always find myself crafting instead of devoting time to building all the things I need (logo, email, marketing materials, etc.)
    I would like to get out and do some hiking too!
    * When was the last time you found some money
    Hmm… other than maybe a dime or a nickel on the road, it’s been so long I can’t remember! I did win $40 on a scratch ticket though!

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