Keeping Occupied

Dolly our lil WINNER!!!!

We must begin with the 5th place winner of a large virtual cat contest. That’s our Dolly!!! She is such a perfect tabby/torti. Dolly, I can’t wait to meet you .

And an update showing our Bo. Bo is growing exponentially every day. Zach update, still no phone . What is this PIONEER days? Do we delivery by pony express ?

The baby dress is nearing completion. I have to measure it. I love the berry mixed in.

So there’s that.

I have listened to the following recently :
Amy Beth the Fat Squirrel : latest episode . Love her Steven West shawl in yellow.

The podcast: The Shrink Next Door: well, certainly quirky but I quit after one episode. If you like a mysterious podcast though, it is interesting enough

The podcast by: Jen Hatmaker which recently discussed the eeanagram scale with an expert. I have to listen to it again. I may be the wrong number. If you know about this, you’ll get it. IF you don’t, well you aren’t missing anything life changing. IT is just an interesting way to look at your behavior and others.

We are trying to finish the ESPN Chicago Bulls in depth story on their successes in the 1980s.

and I’m reading the books:

Rodeo Women of Oklahoma.

and The Girl Who Drank the Moon. This is a new fairy tale and I’m really interested in it now, that I am a few chapters in. The first chapter does grab you that’s for sure.

I have a couple new goals to share with you:

Put Simply I have been trying to get my c0-pays back for insurance claims and it has been a huge hassle . 3 services for care had to be authorized and everybody seemed to need a piece of information. I finally got one reimbursement yesterday . I am giving myself the rest of the month off for the other two. They are being worked on, I was told last week . It does me no good to keep aggravating myself and un like my dad who loved a good challenge, I’m sick of it.

Now that my father is passed, I feel this strange freedom to do as I wish. I like it.

Another new goal: try to keep cycling twice a week with Fireman. I had given thought to fostering a cat during COVID, but Tank is not that well.

And another goal: Rethink where I am putting my energy. Do I need to contact and keep up with everyone during Covid? Do I want to? What am I getting out of this?

I do enjoy the zoom and Facebook social live communications. I do find sending our friend with Dementia, a letter to be a way we can show our support to him and his family..


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14 thoughts on “Keeping Occupied

  1. Good goals; I understand the need to KIT w/everyone during this COID-19 but if it’s too exhausting for you, then don’t or at least cut down. I only text with my mom now and then and we have a group text thread w/my brother and SIL. Everybody else is on FB or on IG. Love seeing Bo; he has the funniest expressions.


  2. Hi,
    YES… back to the pony express. COVID19 I guess has messed everything and mean everything!
    Let us know what you decided on the keeping in touch. I have been so so with this. It is finally getting nice out in Wisconsin. So that is where I like to be .. outside. LOL


  3. Adorable kitty and I love the little dress!
    As for where you put your energy? I find that taking and visiting, while enjoyable, can be extremely taxing to me. I tend to absorb the tensions that people are experiencing and often come away with a heavy heart. This does not serve me well some days. Are people reaching out to you, or are you the primary initiator?


  4. So many more people are shopping and doing things by mail that post offices and carriers are overloaded. They definitely deserve our patience.

    I have disengaged from lots of news that was making me feel irritated, especially on the political and federal level, if you know what I mean. I think you’re asking the right questions for yourself.


  5. It is better to do a few things very well than dozens half–heartedly!
    Beautiful kitties and nice job on the baby dress!


  6. That is a beautiful baby dress! We still seem to be receiving plenty of junk mail and all the bills!! But my mail in ballot for our primary hasn’t arrived yet….(mailed to me on May 5th!).


  7. I must be the worst person in the world because I don’t feel the need to keep up with anyone during this mess. No news is good news I suppose but the burden I feel just to keep The Mister and I safe is enough. That includes my kids. I hated it when I would hear they were venturing out so I stopped paying attention. If you haven’t seen the Monk edition of the Peacock channel on You Tube you should watch it. I know it’s a joke but he captures my day to a T.
    That dress is adorbs btw!


  8. Yay.. a BoFoTo! I hope he gets his phone soon. Whatever kind it is.. as you never answer my question. πŸ™‚ I got my purple yarn! Now to roll up a skein and I can begin crocheting! Needless to say I will be documenting each stitch. LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa πŸ™‚


  9. Bo is getting cuter every day. Yes, we’ve gone back to pony express. A family friend who is like a daughter to us sent me a Mother’s Day card mailed from less than a mile from our house. I got it 8 days later. Eight! She kept calling to see if it had arrived. Crazy.
    Some days I feel I’ve bit off more than I can chew with online and personal contacts. But I love everyone of them and wouldn’t want to give anyone up. I would pray about it and see what you should do.


  10. Look at that Bo! So adorable!
    Took me almost 3 weeks to get USPS stamps delivered…by the USPS!
    And that’s inside America…
    Got to believe things are slower everywhere.


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