Letters , I write Letters

Dear Miss Pie,

We are truly sorry for changing the furniture on the porch. (but we are not going back) You are showing your blindness . I know if we can just leave it as it, for a bit, you will have memorized the new space out there. In the meantime, please quit falling off the ledge when you want to get down. You land just find, but it is NOT graceful. And Thank you for letting me get a good photo of you, darlin’.

Dear Virtual Cat Show,

We entered. Dolly, BO and Fezzik each were in different categories. Well, well, well Miss Dolly came in 5th with a judge in the household pet category! Way to go Dolly. You sweet thang . You showed the boys up!

Dear Clematis,

You are, once again making me so happy with your flowering. I just got lucky here, I know that. But , you make me look genius. So this is your early spring plant. The two others , that are on either side of you, have the later blossom timelines. So far the deer haven’t wanted you. This is our 3rd or 4th year together. So good for you!!

Dear new shawl ,

You have some possum in you!!! That’s why I love you. Don’t get all wound up…pun intended..today. I plan to work on the baby dress, instead of you . Little Knits did deliver my berry cascade 220, and I am ready to put some rose into the aqua dress. So behave in your bag. No shenanigans. No Tom foolery.

Dear Oklahoma Rodeo Women,

I am learning so much from the book Al and Zach sent me. You really forged the way for the NFR. I’m glad there are black and white photos in the book that help me SEE who you were. As for me, I am unsure if we will be able to get back to our Volunteering until a vaccine for COVID is best practice. I sure miss those horses , ladies, I sure do. I may have to go photograph horses today to see how it feels.

I know you ladies got bucked off and trampled and all and you got back up on those horses. But I am nearly 60, and my life expectancy is longer than yours was. I don’t want to be injured and hobbling round the ranch…

I mean driveway, in my 90s. You know? Those big beautiful animals are powerful and I still replay my injury in my head.

Dear Ferns,

You remind me of my father’s cabin in Minocqua. Thanks to our pals Maribeth and John for giving you to us. You do well at the grass edge before the woods. I love you just unfurling. Fireman says we could eat you….I say , well we aren’t at the point yet. Please spread in the shady areas. Choke out the weeds, please.

Dear UPS,

Please deliver Zach’s phone today as promised. This momma is not doing well, while we wait for the phone to arrive. I thought I was fine. But, I’m not. I need my family to have constant phone availability. I’ve developed a twitch…because of my son not having a working phone. It isn’t attractive. I’ve also eaten 3 packages of pop tarts in 24 hours. I can’t go on like this… Please …..DELIVER

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14 thoughts on “Letters , I write Letters

  1. You mean to tell me that Bo and Fezzik were unplaced in the cat show, hmphhh, what do they know! Poor Miss Pie, I’m sure she’ll learn the new furniture arrangement soon, cats are very clever like that.


  2. Pop Tarts sound good. Daughter dropped her newest furbaby off to be spayed this morning so it was tense day. Mama and kitty are both doing well tonight. Whew….


  3. I always enjoy your letters. I do hope that Zach’s phone gets there ASAP! I would not like to not be able to reach one of my kids if I wanted to. What kind of phone did he get? ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  4. I laughed out loud when I read Poptarts. I love them and they are a real weakness of mine so I understand. Miss Pie is a real sweetie. I’m praying the phone will arrive very soon, as in today, We Mom’s need to know our loved ones can be reached when needed. Even if we don’t call everyday it’s nice to know we can. 🙂


  5. Oh, Miss Pie has a bit of the devil in her today!
    I knit mittens with possum and they are wearing like iron, warm as toast and soft like butter.


  6. I don’t know about eating grown ferns, but before they unfurl, you can eat the fiddleheads. Delicious sauteed in butter & garlic.


  7. Pop Tarts? No way!! Love the picture of Pie (my favorite…along with Fezzik too). Great picture of the ferns. My Mom used to hunt for (and harvest) fiddlehead ferns. I never enjoyed them, but she and my Dad loved them.


  8. The clematis is so pretty! Plant flowers-don’t eat pop tarts! Enjoy the new yarn in the baby dress knitting!


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