Thanks for being crabby with me!

Well, there’s some direction for you! We saw this on an old bridge that is now part of a biking path. Fireman is out without me ,this morning, cycling. We are enjoying our rides together but he is an early bird and I’m barely awake enough to post.

I got less crabby when you all told me you were crabby, too. Oh , and I may have purchased a mini ice cream maker . You don’t need salt and it is called the Dash . It only makes a cup of ice cream. You can make low fat ice cream. That’s my intention. It worked like a little charm last night.

Today, like every other day in the past week,it seems, I’m casting on anew. I dropped a bunch of stitches on the fingerless gloves with one wrong double pointed needle switch. Don’t you hate that? I usually let out a good swear word and Fireman says, Ugh oh…..

There were some funny goats ready to let me take their photos yesterday. I swear Bo still looks like he has a goat between his eyes.

So why then am I not showing you Bo?? Well, a terrifying thing happened to me, as a mom. Zach’s old phone starting not taking big charge. Then no charge at all. Hopefully he will get his new phone today. We have been using Facebook messenger and I can honestly say, I never thought I’d honestly say this, But Thank God for Facebook. As soon as Zach has a nice phone I can show Bo bo. He is very funny and quite independent in some ways . Then he falls asleep mid Mew and we all laugh.

My wild apples in the woods are buddying . They are gorgeous!!! We have two trees of wild apples. I should feed them somehow.

I wish you some blissful craftime today .

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12 thoughts on “Thanks for being crabby with me!

  1. Isn’t it amazing at how we are so connected to our phones and rely on them? I’m glad you were able to stay in touch though. Can’t wait to see Bo. I bet he grew a lot!


  2. Oh no, I hate dropped stitches. I’m not very good at picking them up so I usually have to start right back from the start again. Hope you get those Bo photos soon, you’ll be having withdrawal symptoms.


  3. Such a sweet looking goat. I know you can’t wait to get more photos of Bo and hear from Zach. I’m waiting to hear from Alex too. I sent him photos of Teresa’s glass floats for interpretation and he usually gets right back to me. Not today…so I’m imagining all sorts of things. You just never stop being a Mom do you?


  4. I have missed the “Daily Bo” foto! What kind of new phone is he getting? My iPhone MaxPro takes the most amazing photos. Love the goat pic.. he’s an Alpine. We raised Nubians. I adore goats. We showed them at the fair with our 4-H group, such fond memories. Be safe. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


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