A Blanket Finish!

I decided to make a pocket on the baby blanket. I think the parents can tuck a pacifier in it! Later, the little boy can put a toy car or something in it!

Before blocking…..

Ready to ship. I love how soft this blanket is!!! The ICE bulky yarn is wonderful and you can see the yellow flecks in it which are nice with the Lornas laces yellow shaded yarns.

Tonight I made a Leaf Book mark in Bulky scraps from Deb at Cashmere Cape.

It doesn’t really show that Spring is arriving in the woods, but it is. I have a large area you can see on the floor of the woods, that has been controlled burned and is ready for my planting clover in about a month. There is moss growing on tree limbs. The wren is back and I hope she’ll pick the new house we put up for her.

The warblers were around on our trail walk the other day! Today was just beautiful out. So, why did I clean the house? Oh well. I was able to have the porch open and take a much needed nap with our bedroom screen door open for fresh air!!

One upsetting thing happened yesterday. Fireman and I went on a bike ride , me on my electric assist of course, and we got to a road and decided to turn around there. The road had houses on the east side of the road, leading up the hill and a farm field on the other side of the road.

As soon as I got over the hill to turn around, a man began shooting from his porch with his rifle. I was wearing a bright pink jacket, there was no mistaking we were in the road. I couldn’t see Fireman over the other side of the hill. I began screaming: ARE YOU OKAY? DID HE SHOOT YOU!???? I was hysterical.

I got over the hill and Fireman was fine and waiting for me. We were not happy at all with this nut. He waited until we got back on the main road and he started again. It was a public road. It was not a private road with NO TRESPASSING .

I will NEVER bike down that road again. I was told if It happened again to call the Sheriff if someone is shooting into the road. What a jerk this guy was. Who knows, stuck at home, he may have tossed a bunch of booze down his throat and felt like shooting for fun.

This is the WORST thing I have encountered during this COVID time. I am so grateful we are fine. I won’t let it bother me and interfere with cycling with Fireman. He has done this for years and never been shot at.

NO wonder IM so tired today!

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24 thoughts on “A Blanket Finish!

  1. A friend of Smokey’s posted on FB today that there is a guy going around our county shooting horses. What possesses someone to do that?


  2. I don’t even know how to reply to this post! I mean, the blanket is lovely and the pocket is a perfect addition, but HOLY SH*T! What was wrong with that man. I can’t wrap my head around this. You must have been terrified!


  3. Perhaps you should report it BEFORE it happens again and he kills someone. Someone could seriously injure themselves while trying to get run away. What if someone gets their gun and return fire? An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure.

    Be safe while being well.


  4. YIKES! What on earth? Was the person shooting at you because you were biking? Very scary! I am glad you are alright. My heart would have been racing!
    Tell us more about your bike? I want to purchase an electric assist bike.


  5. Congrats on the blanket finish and I think the pocket is a fun idea. That would be so frightening to have a guy shooting off his porch as you were riding by.. what a looney tunes. He obviously was trying to intimidate you. A call to the sheriff wouldn’t hurt. Stay well and safe, my friend. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  6. I Have a lovely Electra Townie, made by Trek. I bought it used and deeply discounted last December. Our Bike shop is very trustworthy and said it had been ridden twice. Once by the bike show owner who we admire! She’s great. Her name is Ann, so my bike is ANNIE.
    It has no boy bar which I love. It is easy easy easy to use. Easy to charge. I think it was a 2100 dollar bike and I got it for 1299.
    I’ll never ride a regular bike again!


  7. I would hope you’d call that incident in. Who knows how often he’s done that, or if he’s a danger to himself, even? What a frightening episode! I’m not sure if I’d have been able to pedal back home.

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  8. Oh,,,,and I love the blanket. What a great finish and I love that pocket idea. It’s like a big twiddle mitt. I still have Daddio’s here. He loved it.

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  9. Whoa…..what a nut! I don’t ride my bike anymore around here because cars come too close on these narrow roads but a gun….that’s insane.

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  10. Oh my goodness! That must have been terrifying! I can’t believe you didn’t call the sheriff right then and there. Well, after you got away from his house and out of shooting range!
    I adore the baby blanket and I think the pocket was a wonderful idea. The colors go so well together. I’m sure it will be a cherished blanket for years to come. Have a great Saturday Kathy.
    Blessings, Betsy

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