We had to go on a woods walk yesterday. We saw a few people and everyone stayed away and waved. This is a photo I like because the colors lined up for me. This is spring fed river in Wisconsin: Highlight: warblers spotted! First of the year!

Who can tell me and Fireman what this was? It is on the grounds of the trail museum….

The Lichen is about to bloom. OH it is so pretty when it does!

This teenage was making me so angry! He and a girl were behind us on the trail, we moved up , and it was difficult so they could pass in the social distance range. Then they went to the next structure on the tour and goofed on for a long time there. They knew we wanted to take photos and this guy was just acting like an idiot. He had his phone with him playing music I don’t really like at all. Rap. Bad Rap. And he was bound and determined to show off to her .

It took them forever to leave, and when they did, they came right towards us and we had to move again. I was so angry , you guys. I was stewing. Ihaven’t felt anger like that in a long time . Fireman said, ‘Just don’t say anything” so I didn’t . My goodness I could nt believe how mad I was. Disturbing our peaceful walk with THEIR music and not moving along so others could enjoy the landmarks safely.

This photo is almost like a painting to me. I told Fireman It is our new house.

I know it looks dismal, but the SUN came out roaring after this! We got home and I worked for 4 hours in the woods. I swear I’m done. We moved the bluebird house, and Fireman built a new one last weekend. We moved the bird feeder to the front of our woods.

IF the opossum or raccoons or whatever are going to forage for shells, they can make a mess in the woods. We put out some cheap but needed solar lights. And I continued to do a burn and safely spread the ashes on the woods floor to kill the invasive species. I am ready to plant my clover but its not time yet.

Also big news: we saw our first warbler on our trail walk! it is spring when the warblers arrive. We saw our Wren too at our water bird bath! Hope she takes up residence in the new wren house we choose for her.

So I overdid the work. I was exhausted. Oh, I also set stakes and wire where I want the clover to grow.

I am still unsure of the leaf part. But I have another idea!

Okay so to answer some questions! Lol :

*The night I slept in my clothes, I had this reasoning. Fireman was so tired and had been upstairs an hour before me. He is easily awakened and has trouble sleeping after 30 year of firehouse disruptive sleep ….So I stayed in my clothes and just slid into bed.

The Bingo card I made up on my own. I did see someone else did it, and I made my own!

Have a good day! I hope you get sun!!!

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16 thoughts on “THE SUN CAME OUT

  1. Sometimes kids are just oblivious. Other times, they just don’t care (or act like it, to impress their friends).

    We’re getting some lovely sunny days here, too, despite it still being a bit chilly. I’ll take it, however, since we’ve had snow and gloom in Aprils past. One day at a time, and making the most of each!


  2. Yup – farm machinery. Not sure what exactly. Love the log cabin. There are idiots in the world – always have been. Believe everyone is just extra sensitive right now. And the kids – not to excuse them – (there is no excuse), but they’ve got to be bored silly. Best as you did, to not say a word and just wait for it to be over.


  3. There really are some ignorant people in the world, but there’s no excuse for it in the situation we find ourselves in at present. I agree about your photo, it looks just like a painting, beautiful.


  4. I’m with Regina Mary. I’ll take that log cabin any day. I am SUCH a fan of old buildings.

    I know my house is a money trap, but I love it anyways. LOL


  5. We had a few days of glorious sun and warmth. I worked outside and walked and walked. Today the rain blew in and this evening a wintry mix. I think I’m going to make some hot chocolate. Might be the last of the season. I love the photo of the cabin. I am so tired of people who won’t keep proper social distance. I’ve held my tongue for now but who knows for how much longer.


  6. You showed great reserve not to tell that idjit that 1. Turn off your offensive rap ?music?. 2. You’re going to fall to your death while showing off how stupid you are to your girlie friend. 3. Who raised you to ruin nature for others like that? 4. Get out of my picture. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  7. Sorry, but I would have lit into those kids! This isn’t Spring Break, kiddos!
    On another note, I met up with a friend today at a local park, and walked and sat (proper distance away) for a couple of hours. Watching kites flying, dogs walking, children laughing. And sunshine…blessed sunshine!


  8. That’s why I am staying in my own yard. I don’t trust the behavior of others. I looked out yesterday and saw my neighbors and all their kids running through my back woods trying to catch their dog who got loose and I was irked. Usually I go out to help them but yesterday I felt invaded. This thing is going to change us forever I fear.


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