Thursday Kitty and Home Births

Oh My this is so hard, not to see him in person!!!!!! He’s a vocal and fun kitten! Yesterday Zach tried BillBo out on him. Mostly calling him Bo.

Warning next photo maybe be graphic!!

I spent a good half hour emailing Zach ‘s friend who is preparing in case she has to deliver at home. This is my explanation of how to cut the cord between two ties. I also explained temp regulation and how you have to stimulate many babies to breathe after they are delivered. Its normal and I went into the details . Warm hat. Warm blanket. Warm mamma. Other stuff.

I did call my old unit and ask if there are new practices, but there really aren’t . There are some parents who want to wait to bathe the baby for 24 hours. Not necessarily recommended, but gaining in popularity. Ew. I’ve bathed thousands of newborns. They are gunky……

It did me good to help someone as an old nurse. I am not going to the front lines as many suggest. I did that already . It broke me into two after 30 years.

Got to get to the store! We are a social society . Thank goodness for phones, texts, emails and all those things. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Thursday Kitty and Home Births

  1. I am glad you can help your son’s friend. What a tough time to be having a new baby. I pray you don’t have to go back into a hospital to help on the front lines. The stories about the medical personnel in the hotspots are heart breaking.


  2. What a sweet little face-I like Bo!
    Home delivery=if you have to, knowledge is power. Glad you could help!


  3. What. Cutie and I love the name. His eyes are gorgeous. Good for you being so willing to share your knowledge with the new mom. I can’t imagine delivering at home, but then again I had all C-sections! Blessings, Betsy


  4. Daughter’s best friend from childhood delivered all four of her babies at home. I can’t imagine. If I were her mama there would have been sparks flying. The babies and mama did fine but still-you never know. If you have to, you have to but it shouldn’t be a hard choice.
    Kitty is a cutie!!! He looks like my blue eyed Herbie.


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