Happy Thoughts

Fireman does not believe my car whistles which are designed for 8 dollars to keep deer away, work. He thinks they are nonsense. Well, the whistles work at 35mph or higher to emit an aggravating tone that deer want away from. Here is a herd I saw on Saturday. I had to use my zoom lens. I was far from them. But wow!!

I will be inundating you with photos of my new grand kitten in Mexico. He arrived yesterday to Zach’s open arms. No certain name yet. This boy was given him by a family whose cat had kittens. HE was never in a shelter setting so we are hoping he was never exposed to kitty illnesses like Bear Bear was. Zach is a seasoned Cat dad now . Each. photo. makes. me . GRIN!

Fezzik has taken the remote from Fireman who watches entirely too much news. He’s calm about this whole thing. I try to be like a cat!

I watched KNIVES OUT with Fireman while knitting last night. Then I hit a snag. There was a knot in the yarn. This was Sale Yarn deeply discounted by Lornas Laces so I was ok with it. I t inked back to the end of the row and purposely made the join there . I feel if I make sure I add yarns at the edges only the look of the blanket will be much prettier!

This blanket has used a bit less than half of the bulky that I have……

I’m debating adding another bulky to it. I think I will call my LYS that I wish to support anyhow at this time, and see what she has in stock. Then again it is not going to be a big blanket……Thinking thinking on this.

Fezzik doesnt want to play Farkle . He just wants to push the die around.

WE had fresh snow last night. Someone who is connected to the Chamber of Commerce no doubt told us 50s tomorrow ! WOW we’d love that if they make good on it.

Have you watched the astronauts talk about isolation and how to deal with it? I have. It is good. I have to get FIREMAN out for a bike ride soon. Soon. Soon. He needs to move.

I guess I should too!

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14 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts

  1. I think those whistles work. My son is the true test of these things. He is the only one in the house who can hear the undetectable sounds, and he is terribly affected. Feel free to kitten us at will. I just might do the same with Razz.


  2. I just love the new kitten.. I hope he comes up with a fun name. Mocha came with her name, good thing I like it, but I would have enjoyed giving her a name that we came up with. What a GREAT photo of Mr. Fezzik! Stay safe and happy. ((hugs)), Teresa πŸ™‚


  3. Thanks for the kitty pictures! They really do brighten the day. πŸ™‚
    Many years ago, my mom gave my husband a set of those “deer whistles” as a gag gift in his Christmas stocking. We all laughed and made jokes about them, but he used them — and didn’t hit a deer. So who knows?????


  4. I thought the kitten was a fur pom-pom when I first looked! lol I would love a snuggle but they told me no close contact with any family pet at my time of contagion! Hug, who knew!? Too much news isn’t good–there is a lot to do to brighten someone’s day instead of getting gloomy! I’m liking your blanket!!!!


  5. Oh, yeah…..I forgot to congratulate you on the new kitty! Daughter sent me an email with a photo of 2 kittens asking me if I thought 6 cats would be too many. I said HELL YEAH. It looks like she will be out of work now until summer as our schools just closed for the year. No work. No pay. She does NOT need any vet bills right now. I am keeping her school loan going. Ugh…..

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  6. I used to have those whistles on my car when I was driving back-and-forth between Washington and Nebraska several times a year. I swear they work! I would see coyotes, deer and elk running downhill towards the road and then stop suddenly, turn and run the other way. There was no other explanation for it. I guess I would only know if I actually hit something when using them.
    All kitty photos are very welcome. Bring them on! We need things to cheer us up these days. He is a little doll. Of course we never get enough of Fezzik photos either. He looks like he would be a great Farkle player!
    Blessings always, Betsy

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  7. I saw that post from the astronauts also and thought it was interesting. I wish I was in isolation. The Mister is making me crazy. All we do is fight about politics. He needs to turn the news off and get a life.


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