When you under house quarantine:

Miss Pie is not amused as my model . I used my swatch to fasten her headband. That’ s her whole head in FIreman’s hand. Pee Wee Pie Pie. No new kitty for Zach yet . Some road issue. See these are the things they just go with the flow where he lives. They don’t get all worked up if their lives get a bit disrupted. Very good Forbes article he sent us last night.

Anxiety hit all time high when it was announced Americans should return to the US or face indefinite quarantine over our borders. Then we took some breaths and gave it up. And Started playing dolly with Pie.

We see these two showing up daily now.( Along with raucous blue jays and sweet singing cardinals, oh and a cool red headed woodpecker. ) I love crows as does AL and Zach.

Thank heavens I am finally on my way with the baby blanket in bulky for the baby on its way. A friend of Al’s is adopting a baby!

My hat in the woods find was beyond repair. I made it into a swallows nest. I found another hat that just wasn’t working out.

For some reason this hat fit a toilet paper roll better than a head so it is going to the Wildbird Sanctuary today too.

I’ll be doing a bit of yard work, and not using a sickle!!! Foot remains swollen and at times painful, but I think we avoided a out and out infection with my Mexican Amoxicillin.

Stay safe! I’ll be over to your blogs later today. I watched the Cubs win the World Series in about 45 minutes last night. It was lacking something..

Any comedians you can recommend? We like to watch stand uP.

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15 thoughts on “When you under house quarantine:

  1. Poor Miss Pie. We used to have a cat that my niece would dress up in her doll’s clothes and wheel around in her doll’s pram. The cat used to just sit there and take it all, bless him.

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  2. I love Jim Gaffigan. We saw him live when we lived in Chicago, I laughed so hard my head hurt!
    Crows are so funny, I love watching the skip and hop along the ground. We are in Germany now, and I wouldn’t leave my dogs or husband so I’m ok with quarantine restrictions re returning to US. He’s got a job to do here anyways, so we are staying put.

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  3. Poor Miss Pie. She really looks disgusted. I understand about the worry. It’s so hard to just set it aside when they’re adults isn’t it? To a mom they’ll always be two years old. You worry the same. I love what you’re doing with your hats. Such a great place to donate them. The new baby is going to love that blanket. It looks so cuddly and soft.

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  4. I really love the natural look of the color of that yarn, it is going to be a well-loved blanket for the new baby. We have Bluejays here too.. I love their color and big crests on their head. We had a red headed woodpecker at our feeder today and even took my big zoom camera out, but when I picked up the camera it got spooked and flew off. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂

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  5. I raked up leaves today, ours fall off the trees in spring, it is still weird to me that it happens in spring and not fall. Hope you did not injure yourself doing yard work. Social isolation is tough when all you do is chores!

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  6. Oh Miss Pie, she does NOT look amused, but she does look adorable.

    I think she and Mr. G. must be about the same size. I hope Zach gets his kitty soon. They sure do help in these trying times.

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  7. Tom Papa on Netflix. New to me but I’ve watched both his specials this week and I laughed so hard I had a mini asthma attack. Also Sebastian Maniscalco. I can’t watch him without an inhaler. He kills me he’s so funny.
    I love that photo of your hand and your knitting. Lovely and so calming.

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