Helping Out One Another

Well , Al had a good idea. She swatch the two yarns I intended for the baby blanket and wash them. I could see even before the wash it wasn’t going to work. Thanks Al! You stay safe in tornadoeville.

This adorable baby blanket pattern could be easily replicated without instructions , I think. I found it in an OLD Family Circle Knitting Magazine.

Ha ha to my sister the know it all domineering family buster. She saw fit to send me a group of little things from my Father’s house. Well , she sent me a dvd of my fathers fishing and hunting trips. WOW. What memories they contain.
I never went hunting with my dad. But his hunting companions and his son and their sons had many adventures. I heard the tip of the iceberg of stories.

It was so good to see my dad, my brother and my dad’s friends after so so many years. The photos are old and blurred . There is some video. Oh I am enjoying this so much.

Well I have to get going. out. I’m dropping off, through my car window, the mailings I wrote out for my friend who is running for alderwoman. I felt I could help her by doing that at home. IT took a few hours, but I got several hundred done for her. She’s telling voters that early voting is Open at Our city Hall if one wishes to avoid the election day crowds etc. She’s a great person.

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8 thoughts on “Helping Out One Another

  1. Glad you’re having fun going down memory lane. My dad will put on old VHS videos now and then when we’re over; the husband sees a glimpse of my past life, LOL. How nice of you to help your friend. My husband refuses to go into stores and order groceries for cubside pick up via Walmart. This week he drove to one Walmart that was 66 mi away and then another day he drove to another one at least 14 mi away. He wipes down everything that is given. I got yarn one or two days ago and he put it in quarantine for three days.


  2. I’m happy that your sister shared some of those precious memories with you. I’m proud of you for supporting a candidate and going that extra mile to help her get elected. I wish everyone did that! We’re tidying house and I put on a Springy tablecloth so I can put some of my Easter decorations out. We must do what we can to cheer ourselves up. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  3. I had some of our old videos transferred to DVD a few years ago but never could watch them. I finally saw them last summer. To see my mom and dad young and happy again was such a bittersweet experience. Seeing myself so young was quite weird. You really don’t have any idea what you look like until you see yourself on film.


  4. That baby blanket is darling. I’m glad you found out those yarns wouldn’t work for the other blanket before you put too much work into it. Good for you helping others to keep busy. I’m trying to make phone calls every day to some of the older people in our church family just to check on them. It’s good for all of us. Wishing you a wonderful day my friend.


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