All Kindza Good News!

Well THERE you are! What the snowmelt won’t uncover!!! IN the forest.. Yesterday , Fireman and I were doing a controlled burn as it is year ONE of the buckthorn attack . Suddenly There was my hat! I loved the long ribbed brim of the hat!

Will I fix it? No , But I will wash it and clean up the edge and send it to the place that wants people to knit little nests for eggs and birds

More good news! Kate Carter Evans who is a great knitter is generously offering 2 free patterns on Ravelry . Just use the code SHARELOVE and you wont have to pay when you hit the pay key I picked her :Echo Shawl pattern! Go ahead. It feels great to get patterns free!

More good news: The hospital I worked at for 32 years just came out with a Covid test with a 2 hours turn around time! This could mean so much to lots of people. I’m sad that those waiting for organs might miss out because we can’t keep people on vents for 48 hours waiting for results . Now, there may be a faster way and those who have been waiting won’t have to get pushed aside!

More good news:
My foot looks so much better after 24 hours of antibiotics.

More good news: The Whooping Cranes are back! I hate St Patricks day and its OVER . 2 days till Zach gets his new kitten.

More good news: I got my Discover return from the video chat that FAILED me with my new hospital affiliation.

Finally: My rubber boots that also got in the way of the sickle have been patched!


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17 thoughts on “All Kindza Good News!

  1. Wow! So glad you have so much good news and thought to share it. Thanks! We can all share in some Wins and benefit from some Positive Thoughts and Joy anytime.


  2. We had that happen with a sweater of Pup’s once. The Mister took her out in it and came back without it and never noticed that she must have gotten it hung up on something and pulled out of it. I had knitted the sweater so we went out and searched for it but we never found it until a few years later. It looked like it had been through the war. I guess some critters had nested with it and then tossed it out.
    Yay for the heeling foot! I’ve gotten pretty freaky about boo boos now that we can’t go get help for them. Allergies too. If anything sends me to urgent care it’s bug bites or poison ivy. I need to stay inside until this mess is over.


  3. Thank you for sharing all the positive news. We’re hunkered down and Dayle only went out a while today to get chicken and wild bird seed at Coastal Farm store and some more meat items at a specialty meat company that you could get whatever you needed! Almost all set for a long “hibernation”. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  4. Oh, I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t sound insensitive with my remark because that wasn’t my intention. I hope the pain from your loss eases.

    The Irish aren’t the onliest who celebrate St. Paddy’s Day with drunken revelry. I did my fair share of dumb doings when I was a college student. LOL. I have Irish ancestors too. That’s still no excuse though.


  5. It’s so great to read all the good news that you are having. We are glad about the Covid test with a two hour turn around. Going to help so many people. Thanks for the share. Have a great day and let the good news keep coming your way.

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  6. Why do you hate St. Patrick’s Day? I don’t get why people think it’s a holiday that should be celebrated by polluting waterways, drinking excessively and living recklessly. Was St. Pat a drunken reveler? Peace.

    I like where your hat will land.

    Be well.


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