My own little Crazy

the calm the ice the sky!

*I managed to get myself good and wound up about my foot. I could see amputation ahead. I was certain I’d need IV antibiotics. I worried to some of you, I worried to Al’s Nurse Pal Ginny, I worried to Zach, I worried to my sister and Poor Fireman.

I decided to use our Hospital Systems Video Chat. Thats what I decided. Not what they decided. I paid the 45 up front that they want. Then I waited and waited and waited …..I had been told I’d get an email in around 2-3 hours saying it was my turn.

Well It is 10 A.m , a full 14 hours later and there’s been no email no video chat and I want my 45 dollars back. I know I will get it back.

I cancelled my doc appointment this afternoon because,

LUCK OF THE IRISH! My foot redness is significantly lesser this morning. I am still swollen and sore but thank you all, I am not seeing a doctor for it during this time of high prevention for the Covid.

I got very scattered while waiting. I went down that, but what Road and it aint a good one for this old intensive care nurse. Ignorance must be bliss, but I wouldn’t know!!

Deep Breath. I’m so relieved I awoke to a much better looking foot. I don’t know how the Christian Scientists do it…

The blue jays love that we chopped more grasses,

WHAT AM I SAYING? I DIDNT TOUCH A TOOL YESTERDAY! , Fireman did. I moved their food to the other feeder in the woods. The birds are deliriously happy. The sun is out today.

I have no idea who this dude is. We went for a drive to look at the lake and he waved. He was walking his dog. He stopped , I rolled my window a crack and said hey nice dog! That’s it. I didnt even get near the 6 foot invisible force field. Oh and last night we sold our bike carrier and Fireman did his first elbow shake with an old guy who got a big kick out of it!

I spent last night fiddling and drawing and deep breathing while I created a gift for a friend. Mums the word on that.

I think I may rent a camper and Fireman and I could travel somewhere…..But I have to be injury free for awhile.

How you holding up? I’m knitting the baby blanket now and I love it. Im so relieved my foot is improving that I’m going to hang onto this wave of relief for a bit.

Im all silver lining…you know me…..I can help anyone except MYSELF with anxiety.

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16 thoughts on “My own little Crazy

  1. So glad your foot is better! It is easy to get worked up about injuries, especially in such a high anxiety time. Deep breaths, enjoy your beautiful birds and view, and take care of your self!


  2. Am betting there is an old saw about retired nurses make the WORST patients! LOL!
    It’s a bizarre time; everyone’s anxiety level is ramped up, so cut yourself some slack, okay? You are allowed to be emotional right now…we all are!


  3. Beautiful photo of the lake. I am glad you foot is improving. Sometimes it is hard not to imagine the worst case scenario – particularly if you are a nurse with lots of information.


  4. My sister is a school nurse and works out the health department here. She is a wreck about this virus thing. She scared me. Ignorance really is bliss-except when it can kill you. I hope you are on the mend soon. This is not the time to have little worries when there are such big ones out there.


  5. I am so glad your foot is feeling better. I am like you and can get myself worked up into a tizzy over next to nothing.
    I wouldn’t be too quick to rent a camper to travel during this time. I heard last night North Carolina has closed all of their state parks and there was a state out west did the same but I don’t remember which one. I feel bad for all the full-time RV years. Where are they supposed to go? They don’t have houses anymore.
    I went to the grocery store this morning at 5 AM. The line was already wrapped around the building and they were closed until six! They are usually open 24 hours so I did not expect that at all. I got next to nothing on my list because all the shelves were empty when I finally got inside. Oh well. I’m staying inside from now on anyway, we can just eat whatever odds and ends we have in the house. We won’t starve and I’m not going back out there. It’s bad enough that Dennis has to go to work every day.
    I feel for our daughters who are nurses. I worry about them being exposed. Please know that Al is in my prayers every day right alongside Mandy.
    Blessings always,


  6. I’m sewing a bit today. I’m following the guidelines on isolation, so I NEED to establish a routine for myself. Last night I made a list of projects I can tackle. I even got up early and went for a brief walk. Glad your foot has improved.


  7. Send some of that sunshine here to NEO! We’re grey and gloomy, and I’d love to see it brighter.

    Bluejays are my favourite birds. I’m so happy when they come to my feeders.


  8. We are doing well. Fed the little kitten today but this other cat ran it off :O(. Husband now telecommunicating from home. I ordered a skein of Must Stash Yarn in one of her Irish colorways!


  9. I can only imagine what would go through the head of a trained medical person when something is a little suspicious. So very glad things are looking better for you now.


  10. Yay!!! So glad your foot is feeling better. I too can be such a worrier. and then I turn right around, and think this (whatever *this* might be) is all ridiculous and I am fretting for nothing. Can’t keep up with myself! :-). Glad you have sunshine and your knitting and Fireman (not necessarily in that order)


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