There is Joy once Again…..

Clearly this guy is quarantined. He was all alone!!! Little Goat. So cute in brown. Fireman and I took a drive in the country and I took the usual moving car photos as he simply has no thought of slowing down for me.

I really want to change colors, but I also want this to be the end of this particular yarn . Hmmmmm. This is my cowl progress. I love cotton blends. I just do.

I can pretty much bet these are still on the shelves of grocery stores. Oh dear. They were Awful in my opinion! I do keep to my Weight Watcher guidelines and Maintenance is a bitch, but I can’t wast one bite with these. Ugh awful awful awful. And I can’t to cauliflower crust pizza either. My Chicago Pizza snobbery is showing. I Love raw cauliflower.

I’ started the baby blanket gift last night with Al’s stash in aqua blue.

I have to tell you that I was napping or trying to yesterday and I kept hearing Fireman laughing and laughing. When I got up I had over 18 messages between Fireman, Zach and our dear vet in Illinois, Kristina. She was helping Zach determine the sex of 8 week old kittens. I . can’t. even. They were so funny.

The one he wants, they determined has raisins, or testicles. Can the men in my family use correct anatomy?

Here , this is making me very happy today:

I think Bear sent him this guy. Now for a name……….

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18 thoughts on “There is Joy once Again…..

  1. I cannot for the life of me get into cooked cauliflower. It’s raw all the way for me. Otherwise it’s just a tasteless desecration. I have a warm spot for kittens and cats too. And needles and yarn. Quiet space and alone time. I’m enjoying the lack of traffic noises in our neighborhood. A ringing door bell means another package has been delivered and not a neighbor popping in but I can live with it.

    Be well.


  2. Cute little goat and what a darling kitty for Zach! I saw those hashbrowns in the store but didn’t buy them. Some guy had some in his hands and then put them all back! LOL


  3. Zach’s new kitten is adorable! Looking forward to more pics of him! Hope that poor goat is out of isolation soon and has friends to hang around with ๐Ÿ™‚ Agree on the fake hash browns. Cauliflower is cauliflower. It is fine for what it is. But it is not potatoes or anything else!


  4. Raisins……lol. I took Hoover to the vet when he first showed up thinking he was a pregnant female. The vet got a big laugh. To this day I can’t tell the difference in the kitty boy or girl bits.

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  5. #1 – I hope that goat isn’t alone as they are herd animals and *NEED* other goats to live with to be happy and healthy. #2 – That’s a solid *no* on the fake hash browns. #3 – What a darling kitty!! I’m happy Zach has a new baby to love. ((hugs)), Teresa ๐Ÿ™‚




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