Loving the Knoll Yarn

I spent some time last knit blissfully knitting with my new yarn from Deb at Cashmere Capes shop. It is Knoll yarn called Coast. 55% lambswool 45% cotton. Color way Nimbus.

Now I’m not one to double yarn and be happy about the process, but so far so good. I think my previous problems were with doubling wools that had fuzzy fibers and would misbehave with another strand of another yarn and cause craziness for me. So far no craziness.

Oh, and I’ve already abandoned the vest in garter. So the new pattern is by a very cool designer and I like a lot of her patterns. I believe her site /name is Y. Alexander . Look Under the Ravelry search DanDoh. I’m knitting LINKs.

Now I have to say, I also really like this pattern. But I think it would be a better fit on Meredith or someone with nice skinny arms. Professor Kim? Allison?

This guy is my cat treat guy. He is the one who runs for treats when I shake the bag. I’m so unique: I say, “Here kitty, kitty kitty ” . Right? He comes barreling through the house when I do this.

This one eats large amounts at one time and spends the entire day digesting it. Oh Tanky. We had to take the free feeder away for him to lost some weight. I get it Tank. I can’t walk away from an open bag of chips till they are gone. We are one in the same.

OH my gosh all your go get that cat support was fantastic. I thought I’d better keep my husband. So I’m looking for a home for that darling cat that I am not adopting….

Finally, I am overjoyed that seed packets are out at my Home Depot. It may be 28 degrees with snow predicted, but there is hope! I plan a big field of cosmos this year. I’m going to have to screen them off from the deer until they are tall, but I want to do this in an area my neighbor and I both will enjoy. I am successful with sowing them in early Summer/Late spring. They don’t do well transplanted from seedlings, in my experience.

Please know I treasure every leaf and bud and flower you show on your blogs right now. No leaves, no buds, no flowers here ….and none expected for a good 6 weeks or so.

Happy Sunday . 40th Anniversary of the MIRACLE ON ICE . USA!! We watched the movie last night. We never tire of it. My miracle on ice, would just be to not trip on any ice this year.

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14 thoughts on “Loving the Knoll Yarn

  1. I remember the miracle on ice! Was living and working in Minneapolis and had a number of friends from college who were from Da Range, where several of the team members hailed from. I don’t actually remember watching the game, although I am sure I did, but I do remember coming into work the next morning where everyone was high-fiving each other.


  2. when we were up at lake placid we were IN the rink where it happened. So very very cool! I love that you have a cat that comes when called. Holly does whatever she wants….a little stinker.


  3. So much to say… I don’t know about Knoll yarns. The combinations sounds lovely. I am currently knitting the Love Note with fingering and mohair together. I am 10 rows in and need to rip out for a better gauge. I think the strand of mohair is going to get cranky; it is way too much to tink though. I am a dog lady and I let out a big whistle if Razz hears the kids next door; he comes a-running! Come to think of it, my boys did as well! I love the Cosmo. I can’t wait to get my seed catalogs!


  4. My orange tabby-Maine coon mix (short hair) is enormous and fat, fat, fat. He gets zero treats or scraps. No one knows why he’s so huge. His sister, the grey Maine coon-tabby (long, long hair) is right-sized. We gave up free-feeding when they were kittens.

    Like yours, they are totally different, even though mine are littermates. That makes it fun!


  5. Lovely photos of your cats. Isn’t it funny how they all have their own little personalities and habits. Archie would eat until he was sick if we let him, he’s such a greedy boy, especially for treats.


  6. Oh my goodness those kitty pictures are just too precious. And I understand Tank too. It’s just too hard to walk away sometimes.
    That sweater is absolutely stunning. I may just have to go see if I can find that pattern and then get serious about my diet. Ha!
    We had the strangest weather here today. It was sunny when we left for church and when we came out it was raining sideways with great big fat fluffy flakes of snow mixed in, but it was 44°! 15 minutes later the sun was out again. It’s insane.
    Wishing you a wonderful day my friend.
    Blessings, Betsy


  7. Oh my those Tankie toofies! He is adorable. And, I’m just like you Tank ……one bag, one serving right? No matter HOW big the bag. So …………buddy, I feel your pain.

    The magic word for Giroux is COOKIES. He come running. But, he’s very restrained. His food is down all day and he nibbles here and there to keep his svelte figure.


  8. It’s funny how all the cats have different eating habits. Some like treats, some don’t. Some like wet food, some only want kibble. The good things about dogs is that they pretty much eat everything-especially cat food.


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