There’s a lot of this going on around here. I’m not participating, but I watch. As I mentioned before I feel after watching the documentary about the fish of the world being eliminated in droves, I would like to see My state change a bit.

I better not run for mayor. I’m proposing an end to the very Wisconsin Friday Fish fry. Any place you go to in Wisconsin on a friday has a fish fry. It is usually walleye 0r cod. IT is usually deep friend and all you can eat. I think most folks are just unaware of the problems.

Now if you told me that if I stopped eating chocolate and it would help the world, I would, but the truth is, I’m not a big fish eater anyhow.

This is the top I was trying to remember when I was at the Cashmere cape the other day. It is an easy , toss over a t shirt top if you are thinking of warmer weather.

Tomorrow I will have an abundance of knit time. Im glad. I plan to conquer the garter beast, by putting a stitch marker every 7 stitches and watching myself ….the whole 70 row way!!

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9 thoughts on “Unpopular

  1. I don’t think the average angler is the problem. They help control the freshwater fish and keep the bloodlines healthy. The Game and Fish monitors the waterways in Wyoming and have hatcheries and release fingerlings every year. The biggest threat right now are invasive species that are not native to Wyoming waterways.


  2. I am a fish eater. I am also concerned. I pay attention to sourcing. I’m eating less meat of all kinds, including fish. (My husband fishes — however, he is strictly a catch-and-release fisherman.) Chocolate? I could give that up in a heartbeat. . . Enjoy your knitting day.


  3. I confess I must be very uninformed. I didn’t know there was a problem with fish. But I’m not a huge fan of fish anyway so I rarely eat it. Now chocolate would be a problem for me. :-). I love chocolate.
    I started Dennis’s sweater today. It’s dark navy blue yarn and I’m having a difficult time seeing the stitches. I have stitch markers through the entire thing! But it’s the color and the pattern he requested so I will persevere! I hope you have a great day Kathy.
    Blessings, Betsy


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