I know many of you love the cardinals. So here are more images from the bird count this weekend. I ended up doing 9 observations over 3 days. I saw , I think, 10 species. (Cardinals, Chickadees, Nuthatches, woodpeckers, goldfinches, juncoes, a turkey , a hawk , a house sparrow, and blue jay.) I watched for 15 minutes, the minimum , for each entry. This was a very fun thing to do as my back got hurt last week and I could still participate by looking out my own windows.

Theses four cardinals form a cross. I have a lot of people I am praying for, and so I will print this and use it as my prayer focus this week.

I wish I could capture movement better, but it is my nemesis at the barn and here. I don’t know what I’m doing. Zach could tell me, but he does not like when I ask him for information that I could look up myself.

On Saturday there was a mighty wind. Snow was blowing off roofs and drifting on roads. It is winter. That’s all. Normal.

Lest you think this blog is for the birds, here is my newest yarn for my soon to be started summer vest. Knoll Coast caught my eye . Poor Deb at Cashmere Cape, kept showing me yarns and I kept saying, hmmmmm, no. Deb is so great. I wish you all could visit her store. Maybe we could do a virtual knit half an hour there! Wouldn’t that be fun? She ships out lovely yarns. Our town is only busy on weekends in winter. I want her to succeed. The little pin is for a friend who is having a party soon for her 60th. I loved it when I saw it. She has many more felted decorated pins for 9 dollars.

She has many cashmere capes that she has knitted to perfection, and they run about a hundred dollars. What a gift they would make! I will show you some photos of them.

Okay, well hope you enjoyed the chitchat. Slow agenda today. Still working on my back getting better. My sister is going to Hawaii this week, my friend is going to Mexico…..Fireman is aching to go somewhere warm . The movie theatre is warm….I would like to see Parasite which is playing there……

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  1. There were three yearling trumpeter swans on our lake today! I don’t think I have ever seen trumpeters. Also one Canada goose — that’s one too many, imho. I very seldom see cardinals here. Back in Minneapolis I would only see/hear them in February or early March, don’t know why. They are sooo gorgeous!


  2. My son and DIL are in Mexico escaping from the Michigan winter. They went down there on their honeymoon and fell in love with Mexico City.


  3. Thank you for sharing the magnificent Cardinals. Lucky, lucky you! I like that yarn. I’m done with the body of my Dahlia blanket.. the border pattern will be published on Friday and I can finish it. Then I have to finish my Dune afghan for my granddaughter.. and THEN.. I want to make a new hat for me. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  4. Those cardinals are fantastic! I saw TWO red-tailed hawks today. One was on the way up to Mom’s – he was perched on a pole surveying a field. The other was on the way home (different spot), he had just grabbed dinner (poor bun bun!)


  5. I very much enjoyed the chitchat today. Your cardinal photos are stunning! They are so beautiful against the white snow. Your Zach sounds like my boys. They always tell me I could look up the information to. I hope your back is soon better my friend. Believe me, I understand back issues. Blessings always, Betsy


  6. On Facebook, I follow two or three bird groups; I just love to look at the birds! My iPhone is absolutely the WORST at taking bird photos…unless the bird is eating out of my hand.


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