I love to Count, ah ha ha ha ha

That was to be read with the COUNT from sesame street’s voice. I commend Jim Henson. What a wonderful man and talent. Anyhow I’m still counting birds. I did my 4th count just now.
I plan to go somewhere off property and look for birds this afternoon. Here are some photos I did not sent to their contest. I’m never going to win their contest. You should see the photos on their site so far. The Cornell Great Backyard Bird count continues today. I was happy to see some of you decided to count with me!

Do you see the olive colored female below the gorgeous red males?
Hmmmm, That’s very blue

Well, I like the two color ways for the hat, but yikes that blue is pretty intense . I know we all fear the Easter Egg coloring for our knits. But I do love this pattern.

Someone of you smart ones , oh it was AJ , is removing some old photos from her blog posts of long ago to save space. I will do that too. Great idea AJ.

Count me in, on Kim’s hunks and chicks voting. We are getting to the finals! I find her contests so much fun.

I know there is great sadness and grief for a dear friend of mine. If the young man who recently was killed is able to donate organs, the staff of the hospital will honor him as they wheel him to the operating room, alive, to take his organs and bring life back to those waiting for an organ. Also, did you know that an 82 year old man just donated , upon his death, a very healthy liver to a person in need? I learned, you are not too old. AND there was a first HIV positive donor to HIV positive recipient in one State happened this very weekend.

You count. We all count. Our organs count. Our love is countless.

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12 thoughts on “I love to Count, ah ha ha ha ha

  1. As soon as I saw that title, I heard it in the Count’s voice even before I saw your note ๐Ÿ˜€
    That is a beautiful blue – we need a little color in our winters!
    Excellent point about organ donation – it’s a good thing to think about ahead of time and make sure you discuss your wishes on this with loved ones.


  2. I was thinking the COUNT song before I even read your first sentence. Just by the title of the post! Your cardinal photo is absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful.
    I actually cried at the walk of honor photo. They did this for my dear nephew Brian exactly one year ago last week. My brother and sister-in-law have received letters from two of the donor recipients and they are hoping to hear from more. They would love to meet them in person someday. Organ donation is so important and such a beautiful gift to give. And you are right. Everyone counts. Almost everyone can give something.
    Wishing you a wonderful Monday my dear friend.
    Blessings, Betsy


  3. That’s a lovely blue! And what gorgeous cardinals. I haven’t seen as many around here this winter as we used to.

    That hospital photo is tear-inducing.


  4. Oh, that photo of the hospital staff kicked me right in the gut. Daughter lost a dear friend in a motorcycle accident years ago and she went through the donation process with the family. It impressed her so much she worked here in DC for a donation non profit while she finished college. That poor boys family never recovered from his loss but they got a lot of comfort from knowing a part of him still lives on.


  5. I’ll be cursing you this afternoon when I’m still singing the Count song to myself. I really like the vibrant blue and think it looks great. I love how you share important messages along with the knitting. You are a really great person.


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