Love the Birds if you Can!

First and foremost, AL got the fingerless mitts yesterday!!! It is oddly cold in her town! She wore them to work today. They fit like a glove, a fingerless glove. Wheeee. Thank you all for your postal good wishes!

Today begins the Cornell University Great Bird Count. I counted at noon and saw 30 birds in fifteen minutes. I have to log this into their data base which is very easy to navigate , because , I’m living proof of that. I will do another count.

Someone who knows a lot about farming will tell me why there are twin farms here . They are not active, but I LOVE this scene. You may think it dreary, but it defines Wisconsin winter for me.

I am happily knitting that double brim hat. Teresa, I’ll get back to you about your question. It is Valentine’s Day, so amidst whatever pain your carry, whatever is broken in your heart, whomsoever you worry for, know that your heart is big enough to help who ever you are worried for. Be it a sister, a father, a pet or a friend, hearts are a good thing and love is the best thing.

Do you remember your first kiss? I’m not sure I do……OH ….yes….. I………..his name was Ernie. I was 16. YOU?

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12 thoughts on “Love the Birds if you Can!

  1. I sure do. I was 14. His name was Jeff. He had a ponytail (it was the 60’s). We were out on the road in front of my house. It was cold and windy. I thought it was magic. He thought I was lame and went to school and told everyone the next day. I was humiliated. So much for romance.


  2. Ohh.. I look forward to seeing your double brim hat! I remember my first kiss, his name was Roy Helser and I was in 7th grade at a party. He was a handsome young man! Sending you a..

    *H*A*P*P*Y* *V*A*L*E*N*T*I*N*E*S* *D*A*Y*

    ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂

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