A Letter to the Mischievous

A repeat pattern for me. I’ve made? 3

I’ve made this hat a few times before. I LOVE the outcome. It creates the sweetest brim. While I decide on the next big project, thanks to Al sending me lots of yarn, I’m knitting this sweet hat. I’m astounded that I took notes and wrote them on the back ! Whee! No guesses for me.

little junco. Only here in winter

So I sent Al’s fingerless to her. No surprises this year. It is my new theme for my family. I ask them what they want, give me a list etc. Valentines is no surprise as well. We are going to happy hour . THEN what I want, on Saturday , we get to go see barrel racing nearby.

But , Someone will get a surprise if they open AL’s Mail. I put a letter in with her fingerless and it says IF YOU ARE OPENING THIS AND YOUA RE NOT ALLISON THE KNIT gods WILL BE Watching. A lot of love and care went into these mitts. If you even think about keeping them, you can expect a lot of bad luck. Put them back, and mail them to the address on the box.

Do you think that will work? I know I’m once bitten twice shy about yarn and oklahoma. The box allison sent me arrived with a green sticker that said it had been opened. WHAT? Everything was in there, but come on…….

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11 thoughts on “A Letter to the Mischievous

  1. I do so hope that the mitts get to where they are intended to go and that letter should warn off anyone looking at your beautiful work and thinking about keeping them. How dare they???


  2. That is a neat hat, I’ve never seen one and I’m trying to figure out how it’s made. I’m sure her mitts will make it to Al. Only one lost package to a customer. ((hugs)), Teresa ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. That is a cute hat! I love that note. I just had to mail a very expensive custom skating dress to Daughter and I held my breath until it got there.


  4. I really like juncos. My grandmother always called them snow birds – they only showed up in Vermont in the winter. If you are once bitten, twice shy, why not send via UPS or Fed Ex?


  5. You are too funny! Threatening with the wrath of the knitting gods! It’s odd to think of mail being opened in Oklahoma. I love the juncos too. We had a group of 4 sitting in the snow on our deck during a blizzard. Every time the wind gusted, it blew them sideways. I darn near died!


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