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Allison asked me to make her some fun fingerless gloves. Her new office is cold.

I decided to make Dee’s sock pattern Take 5 , and incorporate it into the gloves for her. I use my fingerless gloves often. I have a pair with bighorn sheep worked on the front of them and they are shorties.

You know what? Blogging is such a great way to record your knits. I had to go back a ways to find out when I made them. Below, Sheep made with Angora, 2016.

I must say, however, I’m not crazy. When I do shovel, or snowplow or the like I wear traditional wonderful mittens. I made a pair on straights in 2018. The were from an alpaca blend and let me just tell you……..they were beyond wonderful. We were outside with the snow and wind whipping, and my fingers were never, ever, even one bit cold. That’s saying something folks. For all my Florida pals, get your mittens out . I hear it is going to get ugly on you. It better not ruin your green plants and budding shrubs because I live through you guys now. I live through you until April here….

Now if you really want to make it easy on yourself , make the above warmies in the TOAST free pattern. No thumb gusset, no top. Just knit in the round. You would be surprised, I think, how often I use these. They are old. I’m not going to look them up, although I certainly could, but I know you trust me.

There is something great about Toast mitts. You can pull them up or down because there is no gusset or thumb hole. Sometimes you want them pulled all the way to your finger tips. Sometimes you want them to cover where your coat meets your sleeve …because we folk who live in places where it gets cold on a regular schedule (its called Winter and Part of Spring) we folk know that the wind knows exactly where to sneak her mean fingers into you when you are thinking you are all covered up.

So, onward , with Al’s fingerless. I’m feeling rushed as if she needs them right away. I could have made them in bulky, just to tide her over, but I think these are going to be worth the wait. Do you rush yourself when someone you love asks for a knit gift?

Fireman and I went to a charity Chili contest last night. S.m.i.l.e.s the barn that we VOLUNTEER at, was one of the possible money recipients. A darling diner named Joni’s picked SMILES to donate their winnings to , if they won the contest. Well, guess what? It was packed, (i’m downstairs here and the bustle and huge crowd was upstairs where the tasting was held) and we didn’t win first place, but we won a place, and the barn will benefit with 200 plus dollars donation . Hooray! I’m not a chili person, but, this was for the barn. (I took simethacone ahead of time and I had no pain or issues.)

Finally, how much would it bother you if I switched back to blogger? You would have to change your bookmark for me, or sign up for a new notification. I just can’t master this template and it is making me crabby. Really, you can say if it would bother you.

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I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

14 thoughts on “The Tangled Blog

  1. Blog where you feel comfortable, Kathy. Your readers will follow! And YAY for the barn! It’s always nice to get an unexpected donation. 🙂


  2. I would welcome you back to Blogger – that’s my blog home and it’s so comfortable for me. Bravo on all your mitts! I need to make some for me, too. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  3. I say use the platform that works for you. My computer seems not to work as well with WordPress but it is old and slow and old. As long as you leave an address, I’ll find you. No, i don’t hurry too much when I’m asked for a knit. Hurrying leads to sore shoulder and less fun with the knitting. I mostly let knitting take the time it needs.


  4. I love all of the mitts that you’ve made with your yarn. I think I need to make some of those toast mitts. I know exactly what you mean about the icy fingers going up your sleeves.
    I will follow wherever you go. However, blogger is much easier for my computer for some reason. I can’t comment on your blog unless I’m on my iPad. But, I will find you because I love you! You do what’s easiest for you.
    Have a wonderful day my friend.
    Blessings, Betsy


  5. I do rush when people as me to knit things for them. It’s fun until it isn’t. I’ll follow wherever you go. I can’t do with out my daily dose of Kathy B!


  6. We’ll follow you wherever you go!
    I have a pair of fingerless gloves made from alpaca, and I wear them all of the time. I sorta wish they had fingers up to my first knuckle, though. Guess I’ll just have to go back to the alpaca farm where I bought them from!


  7. As long as I have an address, I wouldn’t mind the blog switch at all. I tried WordPress and simply didn’t nderstand why it was so difficult.


  8. I am so glad you are giving my pattern a try. Hope it plays nice with your yarn.

    I would LOVE if you would switch back to blogger. For some reason, WordPress does not play nice with my computer.


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