All About the Neck

The Magic Cake Cowl by Samantha Troia Bumblebee Acres Farm Pattern

Dear Faithful Readers,

My Magic Cake Cowl is finished. I cast off late last night. I never thought I would succumb to the mini skien movement, but my immunity wore off. This is my second knit with mini skeins and I love both of them. I loved this pattern. I like it modeled on Tank , but you can see it better modeled by the stone fireplace . Of course, I haven’t blocked it yet. Odds are, I won’t block it until I wash it for the first time. C’mon , it is sleeting out. I have to wear this baby! I cannot stand when the cold wind blows and its creepy fingers sneak into my neck. This is a HA HA Chicago Lake Winds Knit. This is a go ahead, walk to work knit. This is a shoveling, bird watching, and snow shoe and work at the barn cowl.

Tank modeling the cowl

Dear Tank,

Because I know I can dress you, you are my model. We missed national dress up your cat day recently, so there you go.

My photographer Fireman, just got home

Finally, I was able to get a unblocked but decent photo of the cowl. Great pattern. I used 7 or so mini skeins along the way.

Dear Turkey,

Bird count: ONE

Dear Turkey,

You are darn lucky that I am participating in Cornell’s bird count this year. You must have known , duh, that I need practice. If you go to their website, which I am sure you do not, you will see that the process is a bit bigger than just saying: I have a cardinal and a junco and a hawk somedays . So I practiced with you. One. One. One damn turkey that won’t leave the road despite my honking horn. I had to wait for oncoming traffic to go by so I could go around you. You have your nerve. I was already crunched for time. Again, you are welcome and you are lucky it was me.

kathy b, huckmom on Ravelry.

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20 thoughts on “All About the Neck

  1. Love the cowl. I adore mini skeins but sometimes have a hard time deciding how to actually use them. Don’t forget steam-blocking as an option when you can’t face wet-blocking and waiting. It’s not perfect but it does a lot.


  2. I’m knitting a simple cowl as well.
    It is so important for us to keep our nose and mouth area warm in the early morning outside so that we won’t get sore throat. You look great with the cowl, Kathy xx


  3. The cowl turned out beautifully and will keep you nice and warm. We often get pheasants here which just jump out into the road when they see a car coming.


  4. Tank did an amazing job modeling the cowl but personally I do think it looks better on you. I’m glad it’s finished in time for you to stay warm in the cold weather.
    Turkeys are stubborn, (and I think not to bright,) creatures. They stand in the middle of the highway up here too.


  5. I love the cowl! When you put it on the kitty it actually looks a lot like the pug sweaters I’ve been making for Pup.


  6. I think mini-skeins are loads of fun. Perfect for things like this, or one-as-a-time cat toys, Christmas ornaments, package embellishments, etc.


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