14 thoughts on “A Cold Post

  1. I always enjoy your videos as it’s like a real visit with voices and all. They said it was going to snow here but so far it’s a big bust. Oh well! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  2. Thank you for taking all the snow. We’re glad to let you babysit it for us in NEO.

    How nice that a LYS had one of your knits on loan as a sample for others!


  3. I know you’re cold, and I know it’s a dangerous type of weather, but I would give just about anything to have that kind of snow here.


  4. I loved seeing all you snow! The warm has been nice for the outdoor kitties but I miss a real winter. Your hat is just brilliant. Thanks for showing us how it works.


  5. Love all your snow. We woke up to a dusting this morning, but our weather has been so up and down, it never sticks around. Temps were 55F on Saturday…. it was pouring rain, but Relic stayed out in it because he was sure spring was here.


  6. Oh my goodness, it looks cold there. I love the cowl/hat, what a great idea, and the cowl you’re knitting now is so pretty, a great way to use up mini skeins, I think you’re going to need something warm to wear.


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