Making you Laugh, making you smile…


It appears as though Sara Silverman was in Lake Geneva yesterday.   Doesn’t this look like her?   I know, I know, she’s Jewish, but I love her. and I bet she loves Santa.   Fireman went around shopping and I stood at the Santa spot and watched the wonder, the fear and the photos.

fellowmorta.jpgI went to the Wildlife Rescue open house and charity drive yesterday.   This lil owl is blind from a head injury.   Apparently , she needs to hear more than see, but is still not safe from predators, so she lives there.  She’s a saw-whet owl.  Katie.  We are friends now.   I brought paper towels and sponges from their wish list.  No flash Allowed so my photo is not terribly sharp.  Their gift shop was amazing and glitzy, and festive and I bought…….a book of stickers for my great nieces…


Thank you Lord, I’m knitting a sock.  It is easy, mindless and clickety click. So here is the cutest story I heard this week.  My friend told me she prepped her 8 year old twins that their dear Grandma Donut, was dying.  My friend works for hospice, she’s a doll.  So one twin asked what Grandma had that was making her die?  So she told her that her heart was failing and not beating enough.  Her daughter said,

“oh………. so she can’t love us anymore….”

You can bet my pal let her daughter her know that was not the case!  Babes, they do say the most interesting things.   Anything making you smile or laugh today?

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14 thoughts on “Making you Laugh, making you smile…

  1. What a cute, little owl. I’m so glad she has a safe haven. How neat to see a celebrity; I didn’t know she had a son. The kittens are rough housing crazily right now and even made the tree move. My grandfather is in hospice right now on comfort care.


  2. Saturday I saw my youngest nieces Christmas list. It was varied and assorted, but did include the following: “LIVE horse,” “LIVE dog,” “LIVE chickens.”

    I asked her if she thought someone would bring her dead animals. Apparently not, but she wanted to be clear she didn’t want stuffed animals this time, like she got every other time she asked for horses and dogs and chickens. That did make me laugh, but I fear she is doomed to disappointment.


  3. poor little owl!! I think your photo is great without the flash. I’m knitting socks as well but they are for my husband for Christmas assuming I get them finished in time (which I think I will).


  4. Sweet post. My granddaughter turned 9 today and she makes me smile with her zest for life and her creativity. We had a little family party this afternoon.


  5. What a cute little owl!!
    The grandma story broke my heart. My grandma died on Christmas day. It will be 30 years this Christmas. My name was the last word she said…..sniff, sniff. She’s the Mimi in my email address. She was always the Queen of Christmas so it was a fitting exit for her. A heartbreaking one for us.

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