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Okay, so we are starting out with pretty snow pictures for you!  I love the lights at night.  I make Fireman drive me around the curvy dark country roads and we find amazing lights !  This makes me very happy even if I don’t have a waffle cone of low fat ice cream in my hand…….


I have not seen Santa in a long time.  I got to laugh with him on Saturday.  I needed to tell him that aside from a new alarm clock, I want yarn of course.  I told him one of those elves has just got to wind it for me.   I spent 2 hours last night cussing and trying to untangle a gorgeous hank of alpaca.  It just is so dreamy and fuzzy that it winds up on itself.  Struggle Struggle Struggle.  How Santa, can I cast on, if I can’t wrangle the yarn?  Who’s with me here?


I love this sweater.  I would not love making it.  Karen….I think it has your name on it.   Karen is my most devoted lurker, that I know about.  Karen is my buddy from  my old neighborhood.  She can knit anything . Really.  She and Al, they both can.  Al’s too busy finishing Grad school, but she will knit again.  I know it.


Frogged it.  I really did.  My mind cannot do 300 stitch rows right now.  Not fair to even try.   I’m doing better each day I think with Grief and memories.  I am happy for the Holidays and my kiddos coming in!  Sometimes though, some little thing will set me off into a teary, sniffy, quiet little spot.  Its just normal grief.

What else should I tell you about? Oh I have a big big surprise for Fireman for our anniversary next week.  Sometimes he reads the blog, so I won’t mention it yet. But it is not:   a dog, a cat, a trip to Hawaii, a plow for the driveway, a truck, jewelry, or a boat.

Okay, Off to cast on the new project.  It is a skinny shawl with 3 different yarns.  They better not tangle!!!  I miss knitting!!







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14 thoughts on “Stuff, no theme, just stuff…

  1. Good yarn, simple stitches and the passing of time is the best cure for grief. My parents have been gone for 12 & 15 years and I still catch myself laughing over a memory of them, then suddenly bursting into tears. The tears come from a place of love though so I don’t mind them so much. Hugs and happy knitting!


  2. Soon Al and Zach will arrive and that will help…and it’s alright to feel. If you didn’t express your sorrows, I’d begin to get concerned. You are taking care of yourself in the very best way. Looking forward to celebrating (seeing) Fireman’s birthday surprise.
    Enjoy your new knitting project.


  3. I was just about to celebrate making it through my latest “Year of Magical Thinking” (Joan Didion-her book on grief saved my life. I’ve listened to it every night since my mom died) when an attack of the sobs hit me so hard I had to sit on the floor and let it roll. I bawled about every loss I could think of, some I haven’t thought about in years. I don’t know if I will ever make peace with the holidays. It seems like every time I get friendly with them, they come up and kick me in the shins again. Oh, well. The rest of the year is still pretty great. I should probably just be thankful that everyone takes their exit at around the same time in my family. God bless them.


  4. That little knitted sweater ornament is adorable and I wish I had one on my tree. I think you’re dealing very well with your loss. It helps when someone has lived a whole full life. I’m proud of you for your honor at the Barn!! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂

    *M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*


  5. I love the list of things that you are NOT giving fireman for your anniversary. Ha! I do hope you both have a wonderful day. What a sweet little sweater. I have always wanted to make some of those for Christmas gift ornaments, but I’ve just never done it. I always have too many things on the needles.
    I’m keeping you in prayer my dear Kathy. Those moments will creep up for a long time. I found when I was going through it that it was best just to let them happen. Wishing you a wonderful Friday and a warm weekend.
    Blessings, Betsy


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