My Plan: COMMENT on Your blogs!



At the county fair, two draft horses who didn’t know one another weren’t getting along.  See those ears flat against the horse’s head?  That’s very angry in horse talk. 

This is a knit blog.  Part of my love of it , is reading and commenting on your blogs.  I’ll get back to that tonight , I hope. The sleep study fudged my whole week up.  I had to ask Alexa twice yesterday, what the date was!  

The Cubs, after being in first place for months, are going down in flames.  It aint fun to watch.  They just are not hitting.  I’m prepared for Cubsdoom.  

Today is wash the horses for the horse show tomorrow.  The students show off their skills and it is a fundraiser and Fun time all around.  I’m off to give baths.  It is one of my favorite days at the barn!  

Finally, I’ve trapped and relocated 9 chipmunks so far this week.  I’ve taken a few days off….but I’m going to work at it later today .  🙂

I’m reading your blogs I’ve just been too tired to comment. But, I’m getting back to my normal!!!!  🙂 

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I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

14 thoughts on “My Plan: COMMENT on Your blogs!

  1. Thank you for teaching me something new about horses today:)
    You’re going to have a retirement job very quickly if you advertise that you trap and relocate squirrels.

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  2. The horse with the flattened ears is also all tensed up through and across the shoulders. Were I the other horse, I’d quietly and gently back away.
    Hope you enjoyed Bath Day!


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