Warning, Images May be Disturbing Hysterical……up to you!


Dear Person who invented the sleep study paraphernalia.  What are you , nuts?  I arrived for my study at a hospital that is 40  minutes from the country.  I was in a good frame of mind and determined to sleep well.

Very smart and professional male tech, whose body was a map of tattoos and was wearing a skull bracelet, got me ready.   I had a clean, cold  room with a fan and tv.  All I had to do was tell him when I wanted to go to sleep. Then he came in and plugged in the box that had more wires than a knitter working intarsia in 8 colors.

Tattoo skull bracelet man , returned very quickly and said the amplifier was not working.  Probably just came unplugged by housekeeping.  Nope.  Called IT .  Came back in and moved things and used only a flashlight so I could stay sleepy.  Apologized.   Again apologized.  Left and came back at least 6 more times.  Came in and said, “Im so sorry. This has never happened before, but we cannot do your test tonight without a working amplifier.  You will have to come back and we are booked out for quite a while.  IF you are too tired to drive, please, stay here and sleep .  ”

I was saying, “It’s OK.  These things happen.  I was a nurse.  ITs not your fault.  Please don’t worry about this. ”  (Im  nuts.  I should have been saying, WTF !  Call a supervisor!  I spent all day getting my knitting ready for this and I just took my meds and Im exhausted now”  ) But y’all know that just isn’t how  I roll.

I said, You know when the doc first ordered this he ordered the at home monitoring but they said you don’t have that equipment.  DO you know who does?


He came back. He took of the maze of wires and put a tiny box contraption on me.  I slept until he awoke me at 0530 and said, Kathleen, your study is done.  Please get dressed and I’ll show you out.

I haven’t seen the sunrise in a long time.  Big deal.  It was gorgeous though.  I stopped at our favorite place and got an order of blueberry pancakes and chicken sausage for Fireman and I.

I didn’t knit a wink.  I did wind some yarn tho.

First photo of in house study :


No gels or spray allowed in your hair.


The tiny second apparatus for in home monitoring.  The difference is there is no heart rate recording going on and no video of you as you sleep to see if you snore positionally.

Im tired.  Big nap on board for this afternoon.   Person who reinvented the study …thanks.  Much easier to sleep but I think I could have slept on a bed of needles by midnight last night

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17 thoughts on “Warning, Images May be Disturbing Hysterical……up to you!

  1. Oh my goodness that does not sound fun at all my friend. Glad at least the young man was very nice. Hope your results are good. You did make me laugh a bit, even though I don’t think I am supposed to be laughing.


  2. Oh my goodness! What a mess. It does sound like Tattoo Bracelet Skull Guy was very nice though. He could have made the entire process even. Ore miserable than it was. I sure hope they get things all figured out for you without further testing.
    Your breakfast sounds great. I’ve tried so hard to follow WW while driving cross s country but it’s sure not easy. I was borderline points today.
    Have a great Friday!


  3. UGH.. what a disaster. I have used a BiPAP machine for 10 years or so. The first study was awful and I stopped breathing many times and got the machine. Then when we changed to Medicare I had to do another one to confirm I had sleep apnea. It was horrific, they used waxy stickum all over my head to attach the sensors and my hair was a sticky mess.. plus being used to the BiPap I couldn’t sleep.. for hours I tossed and turned…. finally got to sleep and I stopped breathing like 60 times a minute. I had taken 2 Ambien to get to sleep and they let me drive myself home.. I don’t even remember driving. I’m lucky to have survived the ordeal. Are they going to put you on a CPAP?
    ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  4. How frustrating! I’ll bet the tech was grateful that you didn’t get nasty or lose your cool.
    Your breakfast idea was thoughtful and sounds delicious.


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