Little Flirt Skirt !


First things first!!!!  Skirt knit portion DONE.  I love it.  

Stats:  Pattern: Little Flirt Skirt

They say it is an intermediate level skill.  I disagree, I’d say it is a little more than easy.  You change needles sizes 4 times during the pattern.  I made it smaller than the smallest size on the page.  Al is tiny.  

I used Skacel Yarn in KENZIE by HIKOO.  This is a fabulous New Zealand yarn in merino, nylon, angora, alpaca and silk.  160 yards/skein .  I used 5 I think.  

I’m sad I’m finished!!!!!!  The seamstress now will add the elastic to the band at the waist and sew it closed!  


Fezzik found the porch froggy this morning.  He had so much fun with this live toy.  I took it away and, yes, I did.  I did.  I not ashamed.  I washed his paws with cat shampoo because…..salmonella. addeddoorporch.jpg

This is my father’s cabin currently.   He built it in 1987 and sold it around 1997.  I met the new owners and told you that I sent my dad a book of photos.   My Uncle told me in an email that my father was thrilled about it.  I haven’t heard from my father……oh well.  I’m sure I will at some point.  I like to be thanked. 


Garden Survey Summary: 

60% of us are tired of weeding.

42 % of us had deer eat our flowers this summer.

20% of us over winter bulbs inside our homes

42% of us have been given garden goodies from neighbors this summer/fall

16% of us have gotten a tick.  (Before I go off on a rant about this you have to listen to NPRs podcast Patient Zero . .It is fascinating and will help educate us all in Tick borne illnesses) 

55% of us only planted flowers, no food crops, this summer.

46% of us dug up a plant to give to someone else this summer!

Bye for now bloggy pals.  It is absolutely gorgeous out.  Perfect weather.  70-80 Sunshine. No  humidity.  Treasuring every second of it.  


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13 thoughts on “Little Flirt Skirt !

  1. The skirt is wonderful, Al is going to love it. I try to take lizards away from the boys but there are always a few I find dead that I have missed. Boys? What are you going to do with them?


  2. The skirt is just perfect! I can’t believe those pretty little pleats. They are so sweet. I love your Dad’s old cabin. That’s my idea of a dream house.


  3. Fantastic finish on the skirt. I love the colour!
    I bet Fezzik had lots of fun with his froggy pal. My boys got all excited because we had a little puppy visitor in our yard yesterday. A neighbour’s shih tzu got out of their yard and they didn’t know. I was able to used Burton’s harness and lead and keep her safe in our yard until they could come collect her. I kept the cats in and they all sat at the door with very angry faces until puppers went home.


  4. Beautiful finish Kathy! I hope Al takes a picture wearing it so we can see what it’s like on her. the color is fabulous too. Contratulations!! What’s next for your needles???


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