Art and Garden Smart


Zach has been trying his hand at print making  in the lino cut fashion.  This is his first Print!  It is a jaguar.



Fireman made me another mushroom . I have 4 carved mushrooms outside now. My family is artistic!!!! (Al’s a knitter)

This is the biggest and it is made from a dead  tree that he left a foot or so standing.

Some tips for gardeners that are form my 365 Days of Gardening book:

Bulbs to plant in the fall:






I do not plant bulbs as they are just eaten up by critters.

It is okay to start dividing perennials now on a cool morning, the book says .

Now you get to play nurse:


The sting, which I believe was a wasp sting, is unchanged from 5 days ago.

Not bigger, not smaller, not redder, not hurting.  Why do you think it is taking so long to go away?  My allergy nurse friend says it is just a local reaction so it is not indicative of a dangerous response the might be worse next time..  What are your thoughts?

Finally , In knit news, Im cruising on the skirt.  I love it.  Im working on the pleats still as that is the most time consuming part and how you start at the bottom of this skirt.

Head over to Kim’s  to vote for our favorite celebrities to knit or crochet with……you can start voting now even if you haven’t done so yet this contest.  IT is FUN!


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13 thoughts on “Art and Garden Smart

  1. The leopard print is really cool! And the mushroom is wonderful-I would love a yard full of them, too!


  2. Kudos to all your family’s creativity, including yours! Soon the sting will be a memory … Knit on; looking forward to seeing Al’s skirt!


  3. Wow! Love the Jaguar and the mushroom. You do have a creative family, you included. Dennis was stung by a bee while mowing last month and it took almost 3 weeks to go away. I am so excited to see your completed skirt. I bet it’s going to be beautiful.
    In other news, I just got home from the neurologists office. I saw his nurse practitioner. Would it be awful of me to say I don’t think I’ve ever met a dumber medical practitioner? I knew more than she did. What a wasted co-pay!. But I have my MRI on Wednesday and I will see the actual neurologist on September 13. Maybe he’ll be better! Have a wonderful evening my friend.


  4. The Mister’s sting did the same thing. It took forever to go away.
    I love those mushrooms. We’ve got stumps all over the yard. I’ll have to show The Mister.


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