My first Movie/Podcast Attempt

Be kind and gentle Very Gentle   Ignore that lady on the right of your screen.  She’s an imposter.  Or me with no makeup……..Keepin it real here ~!  Did you like this format?

Published by compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

15 thoughts on “My first Movie/Podcast Attempt

  1. What fun!! I enjoyed it but don’t want to lose your fun writing. I hope you will have both in the mix. As for seeing and hearing you… it was great to hear your voice, and to see you. And see the real you – who needs make up and street clothes? I watched it in my pjs, so it feels real to me.


  2. I have No idea why you’re shy about showing your face; from the glimpses we spotted, you have no reason to hide.
    The garments you displayed… they look like fine work, and deserve to be highlighted on or in front of a plain surface; feel free to ignore that if you like.
    A great podcast, first time or no. Keep them coming.


  3. You go on trying a new format for a post. You may inspire me to try a video post. I need to look for my iPhone table clamp. I can’t find it as I had used the box to hold sock minis.


  4. How fun this was! I would love to see your beautiful face too while you’re talking to us. None of us care about pajamas, hair or make up. We just want to see our sweet friend. It was fun seeing all of your projects too. I hope you do this again. Blessings, Betsy


  5. I enjoyed hearing your voice and seeing your projects again. I think you did a fine job, but next time I’m sure all your blog friends would like to see you in all your glory. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  6. How fun! I’ll let you in on a secret….when I used to drive back and forth to visit Daddio in the nursing home I used to pretend I was doing a knitting podcast in order to take my mind off how sad I was. I was terrible at it but then again I was trying to drive at the same time.
    I loved seeing your knitting “live and in person”. You’re a natural!!

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  7. HONORE!!!!! I hope I can do it again. Zach did not help me much. My grown don’t like to ENABLE me. Boo. I wish they would be nicer!!! They want me to figure it out myself. It is difficult for me to do so. But I succeeded today and I’m so glad you liked it.


  8. I enjoyed seeing your knit pieces and HEARING your voice…SEEING YOU would’ve been better since our brains are trained to think/expect “picture” when we watch a video! Just sayin’! Kudos to you for getting out there!

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