Letters, Writing Letters





Dear Yarns Above,

You are going to have to be patient, well I mean, you will have to continue to be patient, because I have a skirt to reknit.  The skirt comes first.  You all, however, are so precious to me that you will be worked into something gorgeous soon.

Upper left is a skein that would make awesome mitts.  Upper right would make an awesome super dee duper Hat.  The three bulky’s on the bottom ….I have no clue. Do you?


Dear Blue Jay,

You and your pals are so loud!  But I love you.  I especially love when I see one of your blue feathers on the ground.  I know you are like a gang of teenagers, but you have to share with the cardinals, the downy woodpeckers, the orioles, the hummingbirds, the chickadees and my most lovely singing wrens.  Thanks for stopping long enough for me to focus and take your photo through the window.

I’m having a really hard time capturing images of the birds this summer.  Some of this is that I’m kind of lazy.  I try for a few minutes and then I give up.  I got stuff to do. Remember? I have to knit a skirt.


Dear Weather

Please cooperate so Fireman and Zach can have some fun golfing.   IT aint cheap to golf here.  I know we foolishly gambled with the predictions for precip today, when we made the tee time last night.  It just seemed like a good day to get a game in.  If you insist on threatening , I have a new app and don’t you worry Weather, I’ll get those golfers off the course before the lightening gets near them.  I went to the National Weather Center in Norman Oklahoma last year Weather.   Don’t you remember?  I’m on to you….


Dear Miss Pie Pie,

I sincerely apologize for the house guests all weekend.  It is a lot of commotion for you and since no one gave you any butter or chicken, as I know you hoped for, it must have seemed like a big inconvenience for you.   No one believes you are blind.  You just don’t ACT like you cannot see.

“This one” they say as they point to any cat, “This one can’t see?”
No No, we tell them, it s the little one.  “Really?  She looks like she can see. ” Well she can’t.  One visitor went so far as to look at her eyes and say, “I don’t see cataracts” .  THat’s not how its done.   Try moving the furniture if you want to test her vision.  We don’t do that because its funny and kind a mean, and we don’t like having to prove to visitors that she is blind.  Just trust ok?  And we know I make a big deal about door instructions to visitors.   We have checks and balances in place but you have to know them.  SO you know what Pie?  I’m going to tell visitors they can’t go out the doors until they ask me.

Also, You are blind and don’t read, but I did make a sign for the XY visitors who came this weekend.  IN big bold writing it said:”  Please close toilet lid or Fezzik with play in the water and empty the toilet bowl”  THANKS!  I put the sign right above the toilet bowl and taped it like crazy.   They either don’t know how to read or they have the attention span of a gnat from all the video games they grew up on.   Because, I went in there many times and had to put the lid down.


the momma who rescued you!



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16 thoughts on “Letters, Writing Letters

  1. Uh, I think it’s gross ppl don’t put down the lid; does that mean they flush with the lid open? One of our kittens played w/the toilet bowl water; had to wipe her paws with a disenfectant wipe. We close the bathroom doors now.


  2. funny about the not reading! I have a sticky note on my son’s old bedroom door for when he comes. That sticky note always reminds him to shut it!! I don’t know how you are resisting that beautiful yarn!!


  3. Knit the skirt! It’s going to be fab!!! As will all that other pretty yarn.

    Blind Pie, I feel your pain. I had a blind kitty once. We could not leave anything on the floor. I also found it was mean to pick her up and carry her anywhere. That was sad as she loved to snuggle. She also loved to hunt birds. I had her out in the yard with me once, and she wandered off while I wasn’t looking. I freaked out, calling and calling her. My neighbors heard me, and calked “she’s over here!” She had made her way through the woods to their house and parked under the bird feeder, just like when she could see. She was as amazing as I am sure Pie is.

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  4. So sorry about the skirt. We all have these knitting bloopers for sure. I hope your husband and son got their golf game in. The weather is a little changeable these days. Pretty new yarns and it sounds as if you have some good ideas for them.

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  5. Well, I must have missed the post where you have to redo the skirt. Darn. I’m guessing it’s gorgeous though.
    I’m sorry that people don’t understand about your kitties. We have had visitors who don’t like animals and wanted me to put our cats outside. (They were indoor only cats who would have been terrified.). I only half jokingly said that the cats live here, you don’t. :-).
    Take cars Kathy.

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  6. People who don’t have pets just don’t understand their quirks.
    Dave works from home and I constantly have to ask his clients to come all the way in the house and quickly shut the door or Burton will be out and up a tree before you can sneeze. And then I have to remind them out the way out, not to stop in the doorway and chat… you just can’t hang doors open around here!
    As Dave’s Scottish Grandma says: “EETHA YA EEN OOR YA OOT!”

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  7. I’ve put up signs all over the office, but almost daily I have someone ask me, “Where is this thing?” Under the office Keurig machine, I have extra boxes of every flavor, but did they look? Well, they opened the cupboard doors, but didn’t lean over to LOOK INSIDE! DO’H!

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