Monday Post. Perfect July Weather and Crop Report

Dear Regina and Val,

You are my superheroes for planting joy this Summer.  I haven’t done flowers much since we arrived here.   I finally figured out I can do some container gardening and things are  starting to bloom !!  I owe the container flowers to Val.  She sent me seeds and I threw them into pots without paying attention to what they were.  So I have chives with coreopsis!  I have poppies with peas.  I am so overjoyed when I see them out my bedroom balcony!  Val and I both tried Winter Sowing for the first time 2 years ago.

You see when your Summers are short, you have to start in the Winter.  Well, this year I waited until mid may , mixed the seeds up and just now they are blooming.

Regina gives me bags that are full to the brim with seeds to plant in fall and just let them be.  This year we have pompom flowers and my first echinacea bloomed yesterday!  Regina also gave us 22 (yes, that is not a typo) long ornamental grasses that have taken off in an area where we lost many trees .  They provide a lovely screen at our property’s edge.

And Oh I believe in Miracle Grow.  And Zach is leaving his beloved cactus crowd for me to care for again, when he goes to Mexico.  Oh the stress of keeping them alive!


Dear Women Readers,

Have I not shared with you the Nurses Study?   It is one of the only comprehensive multi- generational studies of womens’ health in this country.  Look it up. The results of the research are far reaching and amazing.  It was this study that first linked Shift work to Breast Cancer.  Among many other things.   You might spend ten minutes, or a day at their site.  This all came up because Al read a book on her Outbanks Vacation on the lack of research done for Women.   I had to remind her of the nurses’ study.  She claims I never told her.  Oh plaaaaah eeese.  I surely did.  She just tuned it out.  But now she knows and can use it in her graduate school studies!  Mom to the rescue…yeah.


Dear Mind of Mine,

I do tend to overthink things.  Karen always says I’m making knitting more complicated than I need to.  I could answer text questions, far better, when they were  not multiple choice.  I can go down the rabbit hole with multiple choice.  Gheesh, I can go down the rabbit hole at Walgreens.  Do you find yourself walking the aisles with deliberation and then putting almost everything back?  It has become a kind of soothing ritual for me.

Dear Knitters who like Podcasts,

Mason-Dixon had a podcast suggestion about a psychiatrist that was a real weirdo.  I started listening saturday and I’ll be back.  It is crazy and unreal and fascinating.

Dear blog pals,

tell me what you like here:

yes, it is multiple choice and you can pick more than one!

*anonymous surveys

*Q and A posts

*Random chatter

*knitting , please give us more knitting content

*anectodal posts about a pretty ordinary life



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

16 thoughts on “Monday Post. Perfect July Weather and Crop Report”

  1. Kathy-you are yourself and the blog reflects all of your facets-overthinking, worrying, caring, volunteering, laughing and knitting–keep it all!


  2. I choose all! Mix it up and keep it interesting is my motto.

    Glad the flowers are working well, they sure are pretty. So what if the flowers are mixed with the veggies????


  3. I like whatever floats your boat rings your chimes and makes you happy. To me whatever you are thinking of lets me get to know you better and that’s what it’s all about.. making friends you would never have the chance to meet without this amazing blogging experience. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  4. I like the combinations in your pods. Coreopsis and chives is a great idea. I’ll see if I can remember that next spring. I like your shawl. And I say blog what makes you happy.


  5. My dear Kathy, I love everything you do and everything about your blog. You do what makes you happy and I’ll be happy.:-) I use miracle grow a lot. I’m a great believer in it. I’m sure the cactus, (cacti?), will be just fine with you taking care of them.
    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of the nurses study. But then again, with my memory you could have told me yesterday. Ha!
    Blessings always, Betsy


  6. I always look forward to your Q & As. The answers are always fascinating to read.
    Congrats on your blooms! I am trying against all odds to keep what little I have blooming alive in this heat. I think I am losing the battle.


  7. Not a fan of the surveys. I like the knitting content, the day to day stuff, THE CATS!!!!, and of course, the Q&As because they give me stuff to write about on my blog. 🙂


  8. I never ever gave multiple-choice tests when I was teaching. Short answers and essays give a much more accurate indication of what people do (or don’t) know.

    You do you here! Which of those do YOU like best?


  9. Glad your seeds are coming up! I bet the ornamental grasses will be a lovely screen on your property.

    I prefer your Q&A posts to the anonymous ones.

    I prefer knitting stuff to random stuff.


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