Fast and not Furious


*On a whim,  I went to a farm auction with my pal, Sandy, yesterday.  I was interested in the banjo clock.  I didn’t know it isn’t really related to banjo things.  I just thought of how Zach is playing the banjo now.

We were late and the auctioneer was selling the  Clock as I got my number.  #60!  # 60! I held my number up just in time.  What a rush.  !!!  Please, folks, keep me from these auctions.  I got a huge buzz!  Sold! to me! for 22 dollars.

“What am I going to do with this”? I said to Sandy.  She shrugged.  Well, I’m going to turn around and sell it.   I googled all about it.  And then I’m going to buy yarn with my profit.  I hope there is a profit!  lol.


Moving right along.  I have to rip out my latest section. I dropped two stitches and could not pick them back up.  Even though they are stockinette.  Oh well. This shawl needs alot of long circs to keep the live stitches in place.  Oh I guess I could use a stitch holder……duh.

Judy sent me her S’mores bars recipe.  Judy.  Judy. Judy.  You are in trouble .  I’m going to make them.   They are about a million points.  Oh well.  Just a bite is always the option!

Thanks for all your love with regards to the last post and family life in the year 2016. You da best!

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19 thoughts on “Fast and not Furious

  1. I haven’t been to an auction in ages. Once I bought an old chair. My husband looked at me and said, “I didn’t know you were going to buy anything.” We hadn’t been married very long but we both laughed. I thought this is going to work out ok. The clock is cool. Keep us posted. Does it keep time?


  2. I bet you had a great time at the auction. I have been to two and bought two antique bird cages and glass lamp shades. That was a million years ago, but I remember how fun it was.


  3. The difference between you and me is I would never part with that beautiful clock! We visited Mt. Vernon when we visit Washington DC and it was a highlight of our trip. It would look nice on your wall. 🙂
    ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  4. Last of the “big time spenders,” eh?! Enjoy the clock and I imagine by now you’ve corrected the mistake and are back on track with the shawl.Knit on!


  5. Your auction story made me laugh. I’ve only ever seen an auction at the Sheep and Wool Festival where they auction off all kinds of cool fiber things like wheels and looms. It’s a huge crowd and I’d be way too shy to ever open my mouth.


  6. looked up George Washington Banjo clock, Ebay had one looked the same on for 96.00! Woo hoo, good luck!


  7. That is such a cool clock. I can’t imagine it not being worth quite a bit more than 22 dollars. It should appeal to a lot of different buyers: Presidential enthusiasts, colonial history buffs, Washington scholars, clock collectors, antiquers. Not my thing, but definitely someone’s!

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  8. Never heard of a Banjo Clock, but let us know how the re-sale goes. As Dee said, I’m hoping the barn sale we go to next Saturday has some lovely things…we’ll let you know!

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  9. You got the WASHINGTON clock for 22 dollars???? I think you got a bargain.

    Vera and I are going to a barn *SALE* next weekend. I hope I have as good a luck as you do.

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