I’ve Got To Write the Article Because No one Else Will…


But first,  shawls and flowers:

My Infinite Twist Shawl is well underway.  It is a pattern by Carter on Ravelry.

I’m using koigu paintbox colors and loving them.  The skein changes keep this baby fun and interesting.  I’m spending too much time, however, untangling two balls of yarn that stay on the work as you go.  I had a good idea last night as I was falling asleep, and Good Morning, I have no idea what it was!  Oh oh Wait.  I’m going to fix the little yarn ball to the garter line with a pin…….

At this point in the pattern, you work a stockinette section (hahahah Garter ….gotcha)and then you work a dividing line of garter between the newly knitted parts.  You have two long circular needles on at all times.  But you only work on one at a time.  See?  No?  You will get it as I go along.  This one is super fun and I know some of you will be hooked on it.


Poppies and cosmos.  Oh I’m in heaven with this combo.  I know the cosmos will go on until the first frost.  Not sure how long the poppies will last.  I LOVE those poppies.   Poppy people, please preach to me.   Should I dig them out and place them in a perennial area for next year?  When?


So Zach’s pretty sure it is Mexico for the coming school year.  Guess what? I’m not sad crazy about it!  The gift of his horrid year in Chicago, is that his Mother learned that it is more important that your growns are happy.   They don’t have to live nearby.   Does this mean I won’t cry?  Heck no!  But, I know my growns stay in touch and I feel wonderfully connected to them even though the are geographically distant.

I cannot seem to find a book about our families.   Families that live without wonderful Sunday dinners every week with the generations gathering and peeling potatoes together.   Families that spend more time texting one another than physically being around when the Cubs win the World Series.   Families that visit each other all they can and this means; driving miles and miles, or flying miles and miles .   Families that are so dang different than the ones we grew up   in .  Artists, we need a new Norman Rockwell picture for my family.  Heck, we have  not had that many people at a holiday dinner in years.

Nah. I’m sure I’m just sour graping it.  But, we laugh a lot.  We have our lil thread of 4 and we stay in touch daily.   We have our inside jokes.  We have our funny photos. We don’t have the joy of a real hug, but we are at the ready if a serious thing pops up.

Oh and we have people at our house for Holidays who have no other family around. It is a choice that comforts us.   Jobs and circumstances prevail.  Some families proudly state, ‘Oh our family would NEVER do that and move away.”  Those statements kind of imply that our family is less than.  But, it is not.  It is just different  than, because of all the effort and love we measure and pour into our communications.   You gotta love some folks an awful lot to fly during holidays and get stalled by snowstorms and send your presents ahead by Fed Ex.  That’s how I’ve grown to see it.

IF anyone else knows an article on this, let me know!  I’d love to read it.



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21 thoughts on “I’ve Got To Write the Article Because No one Else Will…

  1. The only people who have a perfect family are my next door neighbor’s but besides them we are all just doing the best we can loving each other, sometimes from afar. Caring and rejoicing with each wonderful goal accomplished and crying when things aren’t going right. You will miss your boy but his happiness is so important and Mexico has always called to him. I am here if you need to cry, hope you know that.


  2. No family matches up to the one portrayed in Norman Rockwell’s art. We live in a mobile and global world and I say hooray for smart phones and technology that allows us to keep in touch no matter where we are. As for holiday celebrations – including others is important and expands our idea of family.


  3. I struggle with what I want and what my kids want. I feel my wants are more important but you are right, having them happy whatever it is that makes them happy is what is most valuable. We will be here for you to give you lots of love and hugs!!!


  4. Your posts are rich and wonderful! Families are not so much what they use to be. This is sad but in this day and age we are making memories in a n unexpected and different way. I am in the South while my son, his wife and brands are in the northwest so I feel you. ~ The shawl looks lovely and such an adventurous pattern ! I love Cosmos but I love Poppies even more. Folks in Michigan grew poppies for days and days. They were left in the ground making their appearance in the spring. Michigan is done 5. Yours arrangement is gorgeous. I planned to plant some for next year. We’ll see how they do in Georgia.


  5. Thank goodness for smart phones, right??? Who cares what people say? You do you. Your family sounds like a strong supportive one to me. Sorry Zach had a terrible year, though. That must be harder than him being in Mexico.

    Knotting looks good and sounds interesting! Can’t wait to see more as it grows.

    And poppies – it all depends! Are they a perennial type? If so, I would move them in autumn. If not, don’t deadhead them! Collect the seed and scatter it where you want them to grow, also in the fall. If you miss fall, sprinkle them in March. Even on snow. They will self sow everywhere after that and you will have drifts of color!


  6. Your shawl looks like fun. I enjoy knitting with Koigu yarn. Our grownup kids are also quite far away but like you we are close. Texting, phone calls while our son is on his commute home, and face time keep us close. Sometimes the miles are very hard but I wonder if there aren’t more families separated by miles ( but close in heart.) I don’t love it either but I tell myself that everyone is happy, healthy, and where they need to be. I am thankful for that. Hang in there.


  7. My family sounds very similar now- we don’t live close to each other, but I would still say we’re close as I usually “talk” (read text)to everyone each week.


  8. There are no perfect families. We all just try to make the best of what we have and you obviously adore the “growns” and they love you and that’s the most important thing. You’re making your own story the best you can and that is admirable. I wish your son could find his “home” nearer to you but he is doing the best he can to make his life what he wants so it will all work out. Hang in there mom.. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  9. I have that kind of family too. It’s not what I expected when we had four kids between us. They all flew far, far away. If I even get to see half of them on any given holiday I feel lucky. It stinks.


  10. Your family as it is doesn’t need the validation you seek from an article. It’s your Family. Do you love and care for one another? Are you happy when you see/spend time with one another? Do you all feel supported and share your failures and successes? What printed words will increase your Joy?


  11. Your shawl is beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses. I’m not going to write much here about family because you know exactly where I stand. With all three of ours. The distance is terrible. But we’re much like you. Everyone is supposed to be here with us for Thanksgiving this year. Mandy figured it out. The last time our children were together for a holiday was in 2003! Although we were all together for a few days one summer about six years ago. Unbelievable. I am over the moon excited. I love you very much my friend and I’m always here for you. Blessings always, Betsy


  12. Your family is absolutely NOT less! In fact, it’s been my experience that the families that are constantly together for every little thing are the most dysfunctional ones – full of toxic co-dependence and resentment,. They are the families that fight over inheritances, and judge and meddle in each other’s lives making everyone miserable. A healthy family is one that can operate at a distance and still feel the love. And it makes it even more sweeter when you CAN all get together.
    The face of the family has changed immensely over the last 30 years… and if there’s anything the last 30 years has taught us, it should be that different doesn’t mean bad. You do you and ignore the haters.


  13. The whole Norman Rockwell vision is OLD! Comparing ourselves to that paradigm will only make one unhappy. Love the ones who are near and far, and enjoy what you can, when you can. If anyone dared say something to the contrary, then they are just voicing their opinion when it wasn’t asked for.


  14. The new shawl is very pretty! I know the two skeins of yarn can be a pain but it will be worth it! Lovely poppies…
    yes, family geographics are different but we do find ways to stay connected and involved!


  15. Glad you’re back to knitting something you enjoy;looks like fun. Sorry Zach’s leaving CPS – I’m sure they blew it; good teachers are so needed. Good luck to him in Mexico. Your take on being a parent of adult children will keep you in good stead (sez she without any children; but I can say so ‘cause that’s how my mom was with me during the years we were apart). Have a great week, Kathy!


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