Alone Time


Ever since the Cialis Tub scenes hit the television screen, I see bath time differently.

Just saying.

I have been so blessed to have friends and family who want to visit and the like, but I am tired..  I’m reading a book called, “Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come”

I am hardly an introvert.  I get and give energy.  But I need just one day off.  The family party yesterday was very fun.  I got to take pictures that I hope will be treasured for years.  When we pulled up I sighed and thought, I want a nap. As soon as we got in the door and my niece thanked us profusely for making the hour and a half drive, my heart melted.  Oh my great nieces and nephews are so entertaining. Zach loves his cousins.  They adore him.

Today , dear friends from our old hometown are driving up to see us.  They will be here in an hour. I didn’t even scrub the house. It is good enough.  Oh  I want a nap. Oh I want to knit, too.

I can guarantee you that if I see a tub outdoors anywhere today, I’ll be crawling in there and going to sleep before you can blink!!!  And I miss reading your blogs. Hopefully today!


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17 thoughts on “Alone Time

  1. Ugh, I hear you! I have a boss who used to say “I can’t come. I am having eye trouble. I can’t see myself doing that.”

    As an introvert, I long ago learned to plan chunks of down time. Write it on the calendar. People want that time? “sorry, I have something on the calendar for that day” and you aren’t even telling a white lie.

    I book one weekend a month in the summer. When I retire it is one day a week, and though that’s a few years off, I am looking forward to it!


  2. That was the pace of my life for the last two years and I am finally feeling some energy returning! I hope you can rest today!


  3. I’ve become more introverted as I get older. Having a lot of people around, even those I dearly love, just drains me. Probably because I feel responsible for hosting, engaging, entertaining…just a lot of work.


  4. Right there with ya on this! As I get older I seem to have less ability? will? want? (mentally and physically) to get out and do anything, including family stuff. And caregiving takes 100% of my brain power. So…. I need more than one day off…. but I would take one. Just one….. Prayers and hugs for you to get some rest! ♥


  5. Right there with you . . I just returned home from a two-week vacation with family, and I closed the drapes and door because I needed time to recharge.


  6. You’re just too popular.. LOL! Dayle went fishing offshore in the Pacific ocean today, they caught 8 salmon. So, I watered plants on the deck and have read a book and played Words with Friends.. and I’m all good with that.
    ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  7. I haven’t done a darn thing in days and I am soooo tired. I’m even sleeping in which is not like me at all. I wonder if it’s this awful hot weather. Whatever it is, I want my old body back, thank you very much. This old lady one I seem to be stuck in is no fun.


  8. I am with you, sister! I can only handle so much social time. I need a huge amount of alone/reading/creating time to balance out any social contact. I hope the visit was fun, and now you have the down time you need!

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  9. Boy, do I understand this. Completely. You need to take care of yourself my dear Kathy. We had unexpected guests for dinner last night. We had only been home from the lake an hour and they just took the house the way it was. We also picked up pizza and stopped at the store for a dessert. Sometimes you do what you Gotta do! If you found time for a much-needed nap.
    Blessings, Betsy

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  10. Funny I feel the same way. 24/7 of Little B and work is getting to me. Oh and there is that husband with the bad ankle, my oldest with a bad back and Mr 22 has a bad shoulder. I am ready to turnthem all in for replacements.

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