Letters, Letters I Write Letters


Dear Pretty Day Flowers,

Gosh your are darlin’ as I drive into the driveway.  And, I did nothing to deserve you! Keep blooming, cause you make a lovely statement.  Perhaps I should give you some Miracle Grow?  I’ll ask my bloody pals.  I think my dad always soaked his flowers in bloom in miracle grow the entire summer……..


Dear Captain Larry,

Thanks for a great day on your boat fishing.  Zach certainly felt the peace and the joy of fishing yesterday.   It is in his genes and it is good for his soul.  And you well know, I’m way past the point of putting bait on hooks for him.  I just get the net. cookiesmore.jpg

Dear Zach,

You are wrong.  You can take chocolate drizzled cookies and put a marshmallow between two of them and it will  =  sort of S’more.   This is critical information as you head into your thirties soon.  If you have to have a campfire , you have to battle the mosquitoes the entire time.  Rain in Wisconsin equals huge mosquito crop.  And as long as we are on camping, kind of, Zach what is the deal with your generation hanging hammocks on atop the other.?

I get that this may mean you don’t pitch a tent, but I’ve seen the you tube videos of how people climb into these things and it is nothing short of ridiculousness.  How does one get down to pee in the middle of the night with everyone else below you? There must be tricks to this.  Im telling my blog pals to look up :

Stacking Eno Hammocks 6 High on youtube.com

Are we mostly ladies who fear any injury to our knitting and crocheting  process? you bet we are .  Our hands are not to be messed with.  Are we also ladies and gents  who wouldn’t want to risk any fall from six hammocks high, because our noggins would hit the ground hard?  You bet we are.  Are we not fun.   Hahahaha. No we are really fun.  I’m not kidding.  It is our big secret…….we know how to laugh !

Love mom



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

15 thoughts on “Letters, Letters I Write Letters”

  1. Your flowers are gorgeous, obviously they know how to grow. Zach looks so happy with that fish. As for camping/hammocks no way for me. I pee way to often during the night, camping to me is a scary hotel room.


  2. I don’t know if anyone else has pointed this out, but a man in a hammock does not necessarily have to leave the hammock to pee. He just does it over the side; one hopes he remembers to aim for the horizon. Also, those are all young men in the video, and as we all know, young men in the throes of testosterone poisoning are indestructible. Just ask one…


  3. The flowers are beautiful! I love to come up my driveway when it is in bloom, too.
    The s’mores idea is very good-I will give it a try!


  4. Ain’t nooooooo way I’d be climbing into one of those hammocks – I either have the luck of everyone elses’ hammocks suddenly give way and all fall on me crunching every bone in my body, or I’d be climbing up and down all night to go pee. My mama never used fertilizer on her daylilies, and I have never used it on the ones I’ve been growing since the 1970s.I just take tons of starts every year to divide up and then give loads away to friends and neighbors…they always look great and so many blooms all summer. I go ’round each day knocking off the old blooms and snipping empty stems so they’ll keep blooming and growing and multiplying. Daylilies are my favorite flower! ♥


  5. Would you believe we used to eat those lilies when I was a little girl in Iowa? We would make mud pies and decorate them with the lily petals. It seemed we had an unending supply. Hammocks are not for me. I’m such a klutz I would end up on the ground for sure.
    We put lots of things on our s’mores at the lake. Graham crackers and Reese’s peanut butter cups with a marshmallow. York peppermint patties and a marshmallow. The possibilities are endless. I have been known to make them in the microwave when the “need” arises.

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  6. That smore cookie idea is a good one! Hammocks are not for me – motion-sick prone that I am. Lilies seem to bloom well under Nebraska’s hot son. I don’t think many give them Miracle-Gro but we have a hotter summer. In fact, we are considering adding some to our front yard.


  7. Are we your “bloody” pals.. or did auto-correct call us that? LOL! I gave up hammocks when we had one and I laid in one end and put my little baby girl on the other end.. and the rope broke and we both fell and I felt terrible that she hit the ground. I have never trusted them since. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  8. What a great way to make s’mores.
    Zach looks great.
    I told Rachel should could not be a teacher if she wanted my financial support during school. What was I thinking? She could have been here on her summer vacation!


  9. Ooh, that hammock thing…yuk! Day Lilies are impervious to practically everything…they are “forever strong” and prolific…enjoy them!


  10. We are slowly pulling out our daylilies, and replacing them with native flowers that will attract the native bees and birds, but we have banks and banks of the lilies. We call them tiger lilies, but I really don’t know why.


  11. When Son was in law school in Iowa I went out to visit him during the Thanksgiving holiday. His roommate wasn’t there but I peeked in his room to see how he had hung a hammock that he slept on instead of a bed. I had to scratch my head at that one. I saw him at Son’s wedding last month and asked him about the hammock. He said he loved it but his new wife won’t let him have one. Lol…..


  12. I suppose you could give those day lilies some Miracle Gro, but honestly, you really don’t need to. The only they they need to bloom like crazy is sun and water. Water them at least every other day (I water mine every day unless it rains) and they will be happy. They are actually really drought hardy, which is why you see them all over the place – but they bloom better when they get their daily shower.


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