Letters Format


Dear Camera,

You sure make it look like we have a big television outdoors by the hot tub.   This illusion was unintentional.  I probably couldn’t replicate it if I tried.  The television was ON behind me as I shot the storm clouds through our big window.  So thanks for the fun Fuji.

Dear Blog Pals,

You can all come over to watch our outside TV in the delightful crisp days of fall if you wish.   Aint nobody wants to be out in Mosquitoville after all the rain we have had here. And dear pals, you may notice we have taken down the hammocks.  Yup.  Dear sweet Jen, friend of Allison and Zach, fell onto her tailbone when her hammock fell.   I sold the ENOhammock in 2 hours on Facebook marketplace.

Not only will I not have a hammock again, I certainly won’t be sleeping in the millennial fashion ,whereby six or so hammocks are stacked one above the other.   You really should look on  youtube and see how people get into these things without killing themselves.  Oh, and the nurse in me wants to know how one gets down to pee in the middle of the night with everyone else hanging below.  I know, I know, I’m not the chill type who can just take the leap on such sleeping arrangements….But I’ve lived enough to know to think about the little things before I leap into something trendy!


Dear Dee,

I believe you are on of Tank’s biggest fans.  He is only wheezing once a day now and is quite happy with Zach being around.  This ones for you.


Dear pals who have some family things going on that are painful,

I met my father last weekend for the first time in many years.  We have had a slow, start to repairing our relationship.   My father is a good man.  I am a good…well , GREAT daughter.  We hand some troubles as my mom’s dementia progressed.  There were angry words between he and I .  There was silence for a few years.  But, slowly, with the help of Zach, whether he admits or not, steps towards love and forgiveness have been taken. I must keep working on a new relationship with my dad.  I need to take it slow. But he was very happy to see us last weekend.  My Uncle Bill, accompanied him and Zach was taking this photo.   My father is almost 90.  My hope is his back feels better soon and he can golf again , because he loves the game.

So pals who have distance and hurt going on, I hear you and it is not easy.   It is horrible no matter how you got there.  I’m not telling anyone to contact anyone, or repair anything that appears to be broken.  For me, for now, I felt called to connect and my father felt called to see me in person.   Regina sits by my father in church every Sunday.  The same Regina who knits all charity items and went to get my wallet.  I know her prayers for my father and I were heartfelt and quiet.  So I had that going for me.

Wow, pals, that got deep fast!

Dear new knit project,

You are amazing.  I love knitting  your log cabin sections and I love changing colors and skeins with each step.  It really helps me to have all the colors picked out for me.   I ‘m dreadful with mixing colors!  I hope to knit quite a bit today!

I think I love you…..

hugs, Kathy b




Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

17 thoughts on “Letters Format”

  1. Relationships with close family members have their ups and downs. Thank you for sharing so honestly. I worked quite hard at having a good relationship with my Dad. In the end I think he appreciated my efforts. Take good care of yourself through this process.


  2. Sigh. Family relationships are so individual and so intimately personal. Only you can fully understand the dynamics, and none of them are Hallmark Quality, at least all the time. It’s so important to keep yourself emotionally healthy–no one else can decide what’s best for you.


  3. I know I shouldn’t, but I have favorites. Tank is my favorite of yours — I ♥ that grumpy-ish face. For Cindy, it’s Little Lena. She’s a fighter and overcame a pretty rough start (Lena, not Cindy). And, as for Valerie — well, don’t tell the others, but it’s Relic! But, really, if they all came together in one big room, I’d have them ALL on my lap.

    I’m so glad you got together with you Dad. If you could say a little prayer that I can find forgiveness for my Father-In-Law. I have a hard time with that and I know it is not good for either one of us. Maybe he DOESN’T deserve it, but I suppose I do. Holding on to this much anger and frustration isn’t doing me any good now, is it. And ……………….he can’t change what happened in the past no matter how sucky it was at the time.

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  4. I will bring several desserts so everyone can have a treat while we’re watching your lovely outdoor TV! (LOL!)

    I’ve tried to get on a hammock before… uh-uh, not my thing.

    Forgiveness is wonderful, even when it takes some time, and a lot of effort, on everyone’s part. I’ll add this to my prayer list for you and your dad… and I’ll include prayers for his back!

    Hugs and blessings! ♥

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  5. I have been thinking of getting a hammock to sleep on the porch… I take it you think I should rethink this?

    I would have to be in the lowest hammock so that I COULD get up at night!

    Love the outdoor tv!

    Dads. Ugh, so tough. Mine and I have had a tough relationship for years, and now any attempt I make (text twice a year, Christmas and birthday) is met with complete uninterest. There is a stepmother involved who has isolated him, apparently willingly, from his daughters. Sons are still in touch, so I know through my brothers that he isn’t well. But not much I can do about it.


  6. I am so glad to hear that you met with your father. I am a very forgiving person so even when my older siblings hurt my feelings due to snotty remarks I just let it go because it I love them too much to cut them out of my life. I’m proud of you to do the work for healing. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  7. Tank is good therapy for Zach, too.
    I’m glad you got to see your dad–time is ticking for all of us;
    we all need to keep our relationships civil if not close!


  8. Tank looks so content with Zach. LOL about going to pee in the middle of the night with hammocks hung. I have never been in one and ouchie for Zach’s friend. Thank you for being very honest about you and your dad’s relationship; that was brave of you.


  9. I’m happy that you are in a better place with your dad. I am fairly estranged from my mom for All The Reasons and I still feel kind of guilty about that.


  10. Tank looks so happy to be with Zach. Love. It does amazing things.
    Family relationships can be so difficult. My stepmother moved in with my Dad just two days after my Mom’s funeral. They lived together while they waited for her divorce to become final. She cut off all relationships with my two brothers, my sister and I and our Dad. She forbid him to have any contact with any of us and he complied. That was so hard to understand. It still is. I would send school pictures of the kids and they would be returned unopened. The same with cards and letters. She didn’t even tell us when he died. We found out through the grapevine three weeks later. We had a memorial service for US, to remember the dad from our childhood. Apparently they had been having an affair for years before my mom died. The kicker? She was my mom‘s “best” friend and my mom had confided in her about the “other” woman. Who does that kind of thing. Boy, now that did get deep fast!!! I never gave up trying to contact him. I had to do that or I would have never forgiven myself. Family is difficult. I hope and pray that the reconciliation between you and your father goes well and the love between the two of you is celebrated.
    Blessings and love,


  11. Ahh, Tank looks so happy to be with Zach. Love. It’s an amazing thing isn’t it?
    I was never able to repair the rift with my Dad before he passed. My step-mom moved in with him just two days after my Mom’s funeral and they lived together while waiting for her divorce to become final. She cut off all ties between my sister, two brothers and I with my Dad. She forbid him to communicate with us in anyway. School photos of our kids were returned unopened. I continued to try for almost 20 years before he passed. I called. No answer. Sent cards. All returned. She never told us kids he died. We had to hear through the grapevine 3 weeks later. We had a memorial service for US. To remember the Dad from our younger years. You know the kicker? She was my Mom’s “Best Friend.” She had been having an affair with my Dad for years and years right under my Mom’s nose and my Mom even confided in her about the “other woman.”
    Families are difficult. Even with all of that, I never, ever stopped loving my Dad and trying, although my siblings refused to even try. They were SO hurt and I understood though I had to know in my heart that I did everything I could or I would have nver been able to forgive myself. Boy, you’re right. That did get deep.
    I love you too Kathy.
    Blessings and love,


  12. I am starting to mend the rift I had between my sisters over Daddio’s dementia. It’s the kind of disease that tears families apart. It is so exhausting to have to play god and make decisions that not everyone agrees with. I found it easier just to cut the rest of the family loose while I slugged it out with the system that is in denial that these folks needs care and not every family is equipped to give it the same way. It’s a mess. I’m glad it’s over for me. I hope my kids never have to live through it.


  13. when my mom died there were lots of bad feelings going all around our family. Time does heal wounds eventually. I have a good relationship with my dad and it’s from trying faithfully over the years and having low expectations. I’ll be praying for you.


  14. No one can tell us what our heart wants; we have to be our own advocates, and in our own timeframe. There is no should, could, would. Listen to yourself, and you’ll always be where you need to be.


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