A Few Things I love….



*Well I love my Cubs.

I have a few other fun discoveries to share:

I used to have a comb for Huck that had moving teeth.  Does that make sense? Well each part of the comb would move 360 degrees to help with preventing pulling and tangling.  I decided Fezzy  needed one:  I love this : Oh oops.  Here is the packaging.  I bought it from Chewy of course.0-13.jpeg

I’m off to a doctor appointment so I’ll show you the actual product later. Sorry.  Don’t you just hate an incomplete unplanned post?


Then there are these empty pretzel rolls!    Have you tried them?  You get all the pretzel goodness and less calories!! Wheeee  IM fighting with 2 pounds .  Ahhh maintenance you are a chore!

I’m going to try to knit a holy shawl.  Meaning a shawl that has lots of yarn overs and is soft and like mesh.

TO all of you who reminded me that Christmas is 6 months from yesterday, thanks.

Mrs Clause likes to shop early!



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11 thoughts on “A Few Things I love….

  1. It’s a losing battle trying to brush Archie, we do it every single day and yet he still manages to get matts behind his ears. He’s fine at the moment though as he’s been to the groomers and his coat is very short for the summer.


  2. We don’t really brush Tyg – he doesn’t really like it. But, he also doesn’t shed ALL that much. Or maybe I just don’t see it? That’s a strong possibility – lol.


  3. I’ve been catching up on your posts, most that had already closed its comments until this one. I don’t think we have to worry about tangles with Morty and Minnie. They were classified as domestic shorthairs by the vet. Did your cats’ coats change? Minnie’s seems to have a teensy bit and she has these white hairs popping out over the edges of the black. Even her little tuxedo mask seems to have elongated a bit around her eyes.


  4. I just got out the Furminator for the new gray kitty that showed up last winter. He’s a shedder. I was finding clumps all over the house so he’s getting a good brushing before he comes in again.


  5. I wish Giroux liked being brushed. He’ll tolerate it for a little bit, but not enough to REALLY get all the loose hair off. He definitely won’t let me brush his belly and that’s where is fur is the fluffiest. We’ve had a bit of a hairball problem this year. 😦

    I guess moving north he grew a much heavier winter coat this year.


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