Happy Monday, the Fireflies are here!


Dear Summer,
Thank you for deciding to arrive. Ahem, you are several weeks late.   I prefer you to arrive right after Memorial Day.   You had other plans.  When corn on the cob is already available in the grocery store and I’m wearing a light winter jacket to shop, the world seems a bit off kilter. But you did decide to come to Wisconsin this weekend and  just look at that pale thing running into the Lake !  The fireflies are also here now, so Summer, you are truly here.  WELCOME WELCOME STAY STAY STAYlakeboatflags.jpg

The tourist boats are running and they look so pretty.  Remember Summer, we had a long snowy winter.   We feel entitled to many days of sandals and open car windows.


Dear Winter Hat for my friend Mark,  thank you for letting me win yarn chicken.  You will be warm and wonderful come November around here!  Mark was funny when he told me his head was 53 inches.  He meant centimeters, of course, but I had a chuckle over it.  Not even Andre the Giant had a head that big…and I certainly would have run out of yarn today if your hat had to be that big!


Dear Inspiration,

I have nothing on the needles and it is killing me.  Please come to visit and show me what to knit next.  My stash is limited.  I have bulky and I have a cotton silk poly blend.  Oh, and I have some sock yarn.  It is a dainty blue shaded sock yarn and I’m guessing that it will be mitts in the end.

Thanks.  That settled it.




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18 thoughts on “Happy Monday, the Fireflies are here!

  1. I’m still waiting for the fireflies here. Maybe the flooding rains and terrible storms kept them away for a bit so they would stay safe. But I would love for them to come out and play now! Great work on the hat for Mark, I bet he really appreciates it! 53 inches lol. Wow. Yay for summer blessings! ♥


  2. In our family, fireflies are now called “fire- bums.” A day or two after my daughter told her oldest son about fireflies, he asked about the “fire-bums” – you know because their bums light up. He remembered the fire part and added the bum. I’m glad the comments are back on. I think part of the fun of blogs is the conversations we have with each other. I hope you get some knitting on the needles soon and hooray for summer’s arrival.


  3. Can I say I do not like it when the comments are turned off. I want to chat, connect, you know what I mean? Sorry about the hoarse voice, I have one after radiation treatments and of course I talk too much because of work. Anyway, it is sooooooo tiring trying to talk when you can’t. I already have a hard time hearing so trying to listen and talk is horrible! Good luck with your appointment.


  4. I have never seen a firefly, or as we called them in Iowa when I was growing up, lightning bug, here in Washington state. I do miss them and enjoyed seeing them last summer when we were visiting Mandy in Nebraska. I remember catching them in jars as a child and having them light up my nightstand. Of course I released them every morning and they would fly away.
    It is still cold here. I’m sitting in the trailer with the furnace on this morning. It’s 49°! I refuse to go home though. It’s summer time!
    I hope you find some knitting inspiration soon. I have a pair of socks on the needles and one more pair to make for Christmas gift Knitting. Of course there is always a baby hat going and I need to start another baby blanket. Wishing you a wonderful Monday my friend.
    Blessings, Betsy


  5. We call them lightning bugs here, and they are one of my All-Time Favorite Things. They freak Tap out, though. He’s not sure what to think of the blinking!

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  6. Are you sure about the size of Andre The Giant’s big coconut? I saw him in person once, on my way back to O’Hare airport, and he was a very, very large man. Unfortunately, he passed not long after that, but he’ll live forever in “The Princess Bride”, among other things.

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  7. We certainly deserve and warm and sunny summer! However, it’s Monday morning and I’m at a coffee shop with Rachel — and it is dark, even by the window!
    If you’d like help building a stash, just let me know. I wouldn’t even miss the yarn!

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  8. Summer still hasn’t arrived here. I wore wool sweater and wool socks yesterday and was still chilled. Maybe this week it will be warmer.


  9. Congratulations on your Yarn Chicken Victory. I play it all the time and win about 70% of those matches.
    We’ve spotted our first lightning bug at our lakehouse, but not yet at home. It’s quite unusual, but then, it’s been an unusual late Spring/early Summer. So rainy! We haven’t even had local strawberries yet, and it’s already the end of June. Three weeks late!


  10. We’ve had a very unusual number of nice days so far this summer. I can see why folks who live north actually like this season. Normally it’s horrible here.


  11. Our fireflies have arrived too —- but, here in eastern Pennsylvania we call them lightning bugs. LOL I first saw them on the first night of summer. How perfect is that?

    Mark’s hat looks great!


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