Plans Change


Progress continues on my “May I Borrow This Please?” Shawl.   It was supposed to be over and done with , but I have yarn left and I’m loving this project. That was not planned.    So mine will be considerably bigger than the pattern called for, but it is going to be a favorite I know.   The Queensland Collection yarn is so lovely to touch.

I did not feel very well this weekend at all.  That was not planned either.  I think all is fine now, but I need a good sound sleep tonight.   It is very cool still In Wisconsin.  Great sleeping weather it is. We may hit 70s this week and possibly 80s next week.  C’mon Summer,  it is the middle of June!  The mosquitoes are out in force after our rainy patterns!

I’ve missed the Barn and the horses and students.  We have one week left off Session and then we begin again.   Tomorrow I will go to volunteer learning night.  I still cannot tie a Western Saddle well at all.  My goal is to do it over and over until I’ve got it!  That’s the plan anyhow.  The horses love the summer and I love it, too.

We are healing a bit as time passes, but thoughts of Sweet Bear are still very much on my mind.  His swift passing makes it hard to believe.  Thank you all, again for you loving and supportive comments.   Zach misses that lil guy.   I’m so glad we have lots and lots of photos of him.  I plan to do something special with some of them. DSCF8323.jpg

We have never lit fireworks in our family  life.  When Dad’s a Firefighter you just cannot set that kind of example.  Well, I bought a few large sparklers, nothing that would boom and scare a dog, just pretty sparklers.   We had a lot of fun with them to finish off Father’s Day.   And that was my plan!   I told Al and Zach, sorry your parents got fun after you moved out!

Just for this week, let’s try something.  Can you LIKE the post and not leave a comment?   So yes, I m asking for NO comments!  I want to see how it feels.  Just shaking it up a bit!



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

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