The Amazing Karen


Dear Karen,

Your baby romper is beyond adorable.   It is perfection.  You are such an amazing knitter.  I know I can always turn to you or Al with a pattern question.   I’m not jealous of you, I’m in AWE of you.  That’s one lucky baby and momma who get that gift.  !


Dear bloggy pals,

I don’t have the yarn, the pattern or the size that Karen used to make the romper.  Sorry.  She did say the directions were muddy.  So I don’t think we want to go there , per se.   But we can be inspired to knit a baby romper from another pattern right?

Dear Fathers everywhere,

Your job is not as glamorous as the Mom’s job.  No one really worries about you when your wife is in labor and your baby is being born.  Statistics tell us that more people eat out on Mothers Day than any other day of the year.  Fathers Day is predominantly for grilling at home!   But you are key to our children’s lives.  Whether you are their uncle, their father, their grandfather or their cousins, men are wonderful role models for the next generation.  Happy Weekend to all the Fathers

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9 thoughts on “The Amazing Karen

  1. Such a sweet little baby romper. Muddy directions? She must be a genius then!
    I agree with you about men in our children’s lives. I believe they’re very important role models. I know that I’m a bit prejudiced, but I think Dennis is the absolute best Grandpa and Dad in the whole world. Happy Father’s Day to any men that are reading out there!
    Blessings, Betsy


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