No No, Not my Boundary Waters!


I finally got a half way decent shot of one of the male hummingbirds last night at dusk.   You know I love nature.

DSCF8262.jpg I was recently informed, thanks to Fireman,  that there is a chance that the protected Boundary Waters area may soon be a place for mining.

I wasted NO time calling my Rep and Senators.  Would you like to join me?

You see, when I was turning 16 I went on a school sponsored trek through the Boundary Waters.  It was my first experience in Wilderness.   It made a lasting impression.  We had to portage and canoe our way from beginning to end over about 2 weeks.  I came to love this area.  I do not want it to be subjected to nearby mining!

(I am going to a new knit shop today.  I am knitting my shawl still.  I will return to knit content tomorrow.  Promise!)

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17 thoughts on “No No, Not my Boundary Waters!

  1. I recommend reading “The Root Beer Lady: The Story of Dorothy Molters” by Bob Cary if you loved the Boundary Waters. Dorothy lived there from the 1030s to 1986, year-round. Fascinating story!


  2. My husband joined my MIL canoeing in the Boundary Waters many years in a row. It is so beautiful there, I hope they don’t open it up to mining or anything else.


  3. Nice photo of the hummingbird! Did you research if they were just buying the rights to the area or if they are really going to start mining? Curious. I would find out before I got too worked up.


  4. Great hummingbird shots — those aren’t easy to get!
    I used to take students from the inner city up to Northern Wisconsin in the winter, and they were blown away by snow-shoeing and cross country skiing. Of course that is no longer funded. I think the program is Trees for Tomorrow. Nature is the ultimate healer. I wish we could get more young people into the woods.


  5. What a lovely photo of the hummingbird. ‘Protected’ seems to mean nothing these days. We have ‘protected’ green land but it still gets developers building on it. It’s so sad to see these areas disappearing before our eyes.


  6. Catching up a bit again with your busy life, kathy b, and enjoying seeing your hummingbird photos. I have been excited to see some hummers around my flowers and feeder, but not with a camera in hand so I am impressed you got some photos of your hummers…they move so fast! I am sorry for the loss of Zach’s sweet kitty. I saw and admired your tattoo kitty with your help 🙂 I like the sound of thunder and crickets and waves and some classical pipe organ music. I share your Fireman’s aversion to canned laughter and have rarely watched programs that use it. Bravo for volunteering to care for horses, and getting involved in influencing issues that matter to you. I admire your shawl knitting, too! xx


  7. Ugh…every time we think it can’t get worse…they’re coming up with more terrible ‘resolutions’ 😡 I wish you all the best in fighting this!
    I love the photo 💕 I’ve been trying to attract hummingbirds with a feeder – but not very successfully


  8. Such a beautiful shot of the hummingbird. I have a feeder both here and at the lake and I have yet to see a bird near either of the feeders..
    I’m sorry to hear about your boundary waters. I will definitely do some reading on that.
    Blessings always my friend,


  9. Yes, we are all in an uproar about it here on the Bay. It will affect the water that runs into it and that’s just a tragedy since we are just now getting it cleaned up and back in business. What the HELL is wrong with these greedy people?


  10. Lovely photos and YES! Fight for the protection of the boundary waters!District residents have no voting members in either house of Congress!


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