For Those Who Cannot See the Kitten



Teresa, don’t feel bad.  The tattoo is a puzzle of sorts.  When you SEE the kitten you will always see him.  He is lying so that you can only see his face and his right side.

The first long circle on the left is the kitten’s ears.  The tiny circle is one paw that the kitten is sleeping on. The 3rd circle is shaded eyes,  nose and mouth.  The 4th circle is the kitten’s back, tummy and tail.    Fezzes photo below is the closest I can come to showing you with my cats.  Do you see him now?


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13 thoughts on “For Those Who Cannot See the Kitten

  1. Oh my gosh! I love it, and I like it even more because it was hard to see at first. I feel like I was looking at a vase and finally saw two faces (please get that reference).


  2. I admit…. I had a hard time. I was looking at it in the wrong direction. Once I saw the face ……then it made perfect sense and it is a beautiful tattoo.


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