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No one ever told me that prickly pear cactus bloom the most spectacular flowers I’ve ever seen.   I was in jaw dropping awe!  Fireman’s kinda kooky Uncle had prickly pear in his Illinois garden. I wonder now, if this is why!  Maybe he wasn’t so kooky! I may have to try to grow them here for their flower displays.  Has anyone tried who does not live in the desert?


I did, finish the baby hat last night.  Two things to note in this photo: the waterfalls were popping up all over after many inches of morning rain on Thursday.  And I am bringing the new glasses back to Walmart. They have a fantastic 6o day return policy for any reason.  The nose piece broke on day 3 of vacation.  My hearing aids and the ear part of the frames didn’t fit well together and made my ears hurt.  But how about that policy?


Because of the rain and unusually cool temps for May in Zion Natl Park, we were treated tomany wildflowers blooming in the desert valley. DSC_0361.jpg

These lovelies were one of my favorite blooms, AFTER that cactus bloom. joshuatreelike.jpeg

This was a lovely trail that we hiked on.  I’m thinking it was the Watchman Trail.  Giving my KEEN hiking boots an A+.   My podiatrist was right, they gave me great support.  I had no pain under my big toe AT ALL.  Fireman and I loved our hiking socks.  We did not get one blister the whole trip!  Way to go feet!

Do you have a favorite hike?

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16 thoughts on “More Zion Photos

  1. In SF, we would hike Land’s End which runs by the coast. Many families and runners go along that trail. Here where we are now, there is one trail but the kids complain about the rotten eggs smell from the sanctuary and there’s not much to see ‘cep a bridge and the bay water.


  2. I missed this post! I don’t know how that happened. What spectacular pictures of Zion! I love the prickly Pear cactus. Those flowers are amazing. I’m using a lot of additives aren’t I? Well, I think Zion deserves it.
    I’m glad you’ll be able to return your glasses. We like Walmarts return policy on glasses also, although we haven’t had to use it yet. Thank you for sharing so much of your vacation with us. It is absolutely stunning.
    I have two pair of Keen sandals and I absolutely love them too. I keep one pair in the trailer and one pair at home.


  3. I tend to think of cactus as prickly plants often forgetting the beautiful flowers they produce. Such beautiful scenery in that last photo.


  4. I’m so glad you had such a good time on your trip! That cactus with all the flowers was beautiful. That second flower was pretty… I wonder what kind it was? Thank you for all your support for Dayle. He goes in for his follow up visit tomorrow. Wish us luck. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  5. We did Zion in May as well, 5 years ago. I remember camping in 30F weather and being grateful for all my handknits that night. We never made it to angels landing either, but we did most of the other trails and I could easily have spent more days just walking and walking and walking in nature.


  6. What a truly spectacular spot!
    Those prickly pear are AMAZING!

    There’s lots of pretty places to hike around here. There’s a large escarpment that splits the city in two, and since it can’t be built on, it’s left wild and perfect for hiking!


  7. Looks like a beautiful place to hike.

    I DO have a favorite place to hike. In Florida, it was the Scrub Trail at the Merritt Island National Refuge. Here in Pennsylvania, so far my favorite hike is the Forbidden Drive Trail of the Wissahickon Trail System. But ………I’m sure I’ll add many more to my list the more we hike.

    We’ve been really lucky with our eye doctors here and in Florida. They all had a 1-year no questions return policy on the brand of glasses we buy. We’ve used the return policy a couple of times. Once because I just could NOT get used to progressive lenses after almost a YEAR of trying and once because Giroux knocked my glasses off the counter and bent the frame. 😦 Return policies —- two thumbs UP!


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