Patterns Galore

From my shrub in the woods


I don’t think I can show you these patterns but you can find them easily on Revelry.

Here’s what I found today that I love:

Easiest and Fastest Ever Baby Booties by Saschavan Wagtendnk.

These baby booties do not have a tie to keep them put, but they look cute.


Trick of the Tog by Jeanne c. Abel.

This wrap looks like it stays put! I love this.  The pattern calls for A Lion Brand Yarn called Beautiful You.  They say it has lovely drape.  I think this is one time I should not substitute yarn.  I’m very tempted to purchase the yarn……..

First wild geranium to bloom!

Finally, a dear friend of ours who we have known since our teenage days at McDonalds is now bald and said he would love a hat I have knitted.   So I found the 1898 Hat by Byrnes that is a free Revelry Pattern.  I will put it in my library for Mark!

have you gone down the pattern Rabbit hole lately?  Do tell….

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16 thoughts on “Patterns Galore

  1. I have been looking and looking on Ravelry for a summer shawl. Trick of the Tog looks perfect, but it is the kind of pattern I cannot do — my eyelets never line up correctly. I may have to resort to another Hitchhiker!


  2. I enjoy looking at patterns on Ravelry. I am amazed by the generosity of so many designers. Even the pay-for patterns don’t cost an arm and a leg.


  3. I love looking for patterns and will check these out. I have knit 1898, it is interesting construction and fun to knit. It keeps the ears warm and STAYS PUT!


  4. Trying one more time to leave a comment. I’ve left two and they’ve disappeared into the inter-webs somewhere! I love to browse on Ravelry and look at patterns. I can while away many hours doing so. My library is so full of patterns I will never make them all. Have a wonderful day.
    Blessings, Betsy


  5. When I was trying to find a perfect shawl pattern I did a LOT of googling.. but when I found the Sunday Shawl I haven’t had to look again.. I love it. Thank you for your concern and thoughtfulness about Dayle’s surgery.
    ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  6. I did quite a bit of searching for a good shawl pattern but once I found the Sunday Shawl I haven’t had to look. It’s an amazing design. Thank you so much for your concern and good wishes for my dear husband.
    ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  7. I try to limit myself to a little Ravelry pattern browsing only on Fridays when the rest of my “work” is done. There’s always something fun and wonderful to find there!


  8. I’ve been down that rabbit hole myself lately but mostly looking at how different yarn works with different patterns. It’s a real time killer.


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