Gifts and A Survey on Gifts


For Mother’s Day, Zach got me this very cool reusable straw.  It is made by

LIFE WITHOUT  PLASTIC.  I love it.  Zach knows I am trying to be more careful with the impact I make on our Earth. DSC_0167.jpg

I got Fireman and Allison each this map that you scratch off as you visit the United States of America.   Fireman has been to all of the above. It was a ZUILLY purchase. Al and Fireman are having fun with this.  See Judy? See Teresa, we have to come and visit you and other blog pals in the northwest!

Here’s your anonymous survey for the week:


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9 thoughts on “Gifts and A Survey on Gifts

  1. Please let us know how you like the straw! I have also been thinking about getting something similar – always trying to cut down my waste. The scratch-off map looks like so much fun!


  2. I have one of those straws but am not sure where it is.. must find. I do hope you get to Oregon as I’d love to show you Multnomah Falls! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  3. I’ve never been a fan of straws (well,except when I was a kid.. . ), but if I were,I’d definitely want a reusable straw like yours! And that scratch-off map is just fun!


  4. I never was a fan of straws. Even when I do a carryout drink I prefer to take the lid off and gulp.
    The new DIL asked for some reusable straws for Christmas and it was interesting to see all the ones out there now. That’s a nice one you have.


  5. Kathy the northeast and the northwest are my favorite parts of our country. Hope you get to see them soon.


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