Letters …..again, Letters

DSC_0188Dear Shawl Inventors,

I have always been attracted to your patterns.   I have had two routine issue with my shawl knitting.  The first being my horrible sensitivity to anything remotely scratchy.       I can purchase a yarn in a shop that I think is so soft, and when I wrap my finished knit around my neck, I pretend I am not feeling needles on my skin, for about a minute.  Then, I realize once again, my wool Sensitivity has mocked me.  I have no choice but to give it away…..which is not a bad thing for the recipients…

And , two, I have fights with picking up garter stitch, and no matter the you tube tutorials or in person lessons, my brain doesn’t even want to try anymore.  So there.

This shawl, dear inventors, the EASY GOES IT Shawl  by Finicky Creations,  has changed my life.  I decided after dropping a garter stitch, and tinking back with a crabby expression on my  face for two hours,  to modify the  pattern so that there is far more stockinette than garter.   I only had to hold my breath for about 4 rows of garter at a time.

Of course, the  yarn label is long lost.  I just called Pixie , at David’s Yarns in Oklahoma, and she remembered me, pulled up my order and told me the magic yarn  is : Ella Rae Lace Merino.  I will be ordering more today, from her shoppe.

Shawl creators, I can embrace you now! 0-1.jpeg

Dear Spring in Wisconsin,

You are here!  Winter knocked us to our knees literally and figuratively this time. But,   I just saw a chickadee enter my bird house!   I know you can be a roller coaster of temperatures, requiring somewhat of a suitcase in my car, for the months of April and May, but you can’t deny you are here!  Welcome !

Dear Women who wish their partners gave them flowers, DSC_0187.jpg

they, can be taught.  It may take years, but it happens here once in awhile.  It is a tiny thrill of victory and visual joy.  Due to the cats. all flowers are high on a wall vase.

Dear Person at the hospital who I will not name,

Please do not tell clients that you are not immune from the measles anymore, but you are not going to get the booster.   It makes my blood boil.  It makes me upset for all the students at the barn that I now am attached to, and who would probably perish if they got the measles.   I am ready to write the administration.  The doctors I know and trust feel this measles threat is real and going to get much worse.  I think someone in health care who sees immune suppressed people every day , needs not be a carrier of one of the most contagious disease in the world.

Dear Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball Team,

Please win tonight.  It would make my Allison and Will very happy.  !  I would love to see you play the BUCKS, who all of us in Wisconsin are sure will make it to the finals.


kathy b




Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

17 thoughts on “Letters …..again, Letters”

  1. I worry a bit about that measles thing since there’s been cases here in CA, mostly in the southern part though. So you’re good to wear merino wool then and not just plain wool? I always admire the flowers at Trader Joe’s; I looked today and was tempted to buy some tulips or even a plant but I always refrain.


  2. Love your shawl and you look absolutely wonderful in it. Enjoyed your letters too. Spot on about the need for vaccinations.


  3. What a beautiful shawl!!! Well done, YOU!
    Whoever thought it was a good idea to let kids go to school unvaccinated needs their heads examined. My poor sister, the school nurse, is about to lose her mind. It’s so bad she’s retiring. Having kids with compromised immune systems mixed with those without their shots is a nightmare. What a mess.


  4. I made a scarf from an angora/cashmere/merino yarn… and it itched. Not a lot, but some. I put lotion or even a prescription-strength cortisone cream on my neck before I put on a wool scarf. Sometimes that helps. Easy Goes It has been in my queue for awhile. Eventually I will get to it…

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a great photo of you! It perfectly captures your Joy.

    I’m terribly sensitive to all wool everywhere. My skin rebels against it. It is a Small Sadness in my life that I have accepted and from which I have moved on.


  6. I think we must have your spring, or even summer, it’s been a glorious Easter weekend, though rain is on the way I’m told. Fingers crossed for your basketball team.


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