Poor Pusheen

DD0435EF-7559-418C-8766-5D395C94F09F.jpegI bought a tiny cross stitch kit at barnes and noble because i love pusheen the cat cartoon. Its was a pusheen cat holding a donut.

I succeed in stitching 20 x s and declared “im done” . The kit came with the tiniest eye needle in the world .  I spent 90% of my time stringing the darn floss . 

So I bought yarn yesterday and am starting a shawl.  Im starting the onr and done shawl by casapinka in ella rae  



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19 thoughts on “Poor Pusheen

  1. I visited a stitch shop with a friend on Thursday, and I quickly realized that I don’t have the eye sight nor dexterity of it! I admire the finished projects, but no WAY could I do it!


  2. Could you substitute a slightly larger-eyed needle for the one that came in the kit? If threading the needle is really the only hang-up, maybe that’s at least worth trying?


  3. Aww.. it would have been so cute. Maybe after a time out you will take it up again. Can’t wait to see the shawl. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  4. Some projects just aren’t meant to be. No sense driving yourself crazy with something so frustrating. I used to cross stitch on linen but haven’t done so in a long time. I am sure it would just be frustrating now. I hope the shawl is happier making.


  5. One and done is one of my favorites–I’ve knit probably three of them. But I’m sad about your Pusheen. But I get the tiny needle thing. I use a lighted magnifying mirror that hangs around my neck. And reading glasses.


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