Somethings to Try or Not ….

If you haven’t watched Cat Walk on Netflix , you really might want to.  It is crazy cat stuff.  It is only 75 minutes long.  I laughed out loud more than once. 

I don’t have any new knitting to show you.  This head cold is making me move in slow mo.  I am using a 4 way fast acting nasal spray and it  is making it much easier to breathe . I usually take sudafed or some medication by mouth and it makes me groggy and doesn’t work that well.  This nasal spray is great. I’ve slept really well even with this virus!

So, I heard about a Lysol detergent that kills bacteria.  Fireman couldn’t find it so I read a bit more.  Seems the key is how high your heat is on during the dryer portion of the laundering.  Any soap or surfactant is going to lift bacteria off your sheets to some point.  So Lysol, I’m not convinced.  


 AL sent us this grooming glove and I love it.  Beatles , especially, loves to be brushed with this glove.  Usually the fur comes off in one hand shaped piece.  Fezzik likes it too.  But, Fezz’s coat is so thick I have to use another rake brush as well for his grooming.  update: the glove is made by Delomo pet grooming glove.  For more information :


I bought this Buddha board at a book store. You can paint with water on the little canvas.  I don’t like it.  I’m going to give it to a child to play with. The brush is too thick to really paint anything in detail and it dries up so quickly you may as well not spend much time “painting” with it.  

Another product review for you: Reynolds Quick Cut plastic wrap. Sorry other plastic wraps this one is a winner.  It comes with a sliding slicer and the plastic wrap behaves as it should. I no longer do the kitchen fight with plastic wrap. So Reynolds you win my prize.  

Finally, I was alerted by Teresa that my comments section was asking you for your information with each comment.  WHAT?  YUCK?  I’m sorry I had changed that setting inadvertently.  You should be able to post without all that now , like it always used to be.  

Have an awesome day.  

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23 thoughts on “Somethings to Try or Not ….

  1. Get well soon; I’m glad you are taking it easy and taking care of yourself. I’ve seen glove products like that on IG; I want one once we have kittens &/or a puppy.


  2. Hope your cold is better. I think I have allergies, although I have not had them before, I am all stuffed up and yuckky. There is green pollen on everything!


  3. Yay! It looks like the filling in my name portion of leaving a comment is fixed. Thank you!!
    I’m going to have to look for that plastic wrap. I am old and gray but I have never managed to master using plastic wrap properly. A sliding slicer sounds like magic!
    Hope you continue to feel better.


  4. Good info on plastic wrap which I hate. Glad I am not the only one to fight it! I use cloths soaked in beeswax as a replacement whenever I can.

    Interesting glove! I am going in search of one!

    Feel better soon. Stay inside and rest.


  5. hope you feel better soon!! I added subscribe to email on my blog so you can click it when you are there next time. I took it down due to spammy behavior and forgot to put it back up…


  6. We use a glove to groom Angel, who runs like a bat out of hell when I first put it on! However, once she’s being stroked, she starts purring and relaxing. I am looking for a slicker brush for Da Boyz, but what I’ve found at the stores haven’t grabbed my interest.


  7. That plastic wrap is just what I need. I’ll have to go find some. I hate wrestling with it.
    I have noticed that all the WordPress blogs make you put in your info every time you comment now. It’s not just yours.


  8. Oh, I’ve lauded that plastic wrap aeons ago on my blog, once when it first came out and they took it away and again when they (thankfully) gave it back to us. Isn’t it the best? Save that box in case they take it away from us again–you can put other plastic wrap in it.

    Darn that headcold!


  9. I shall have a look for Cat Walk on Netflix. That grooming glove looks great. We have to groom Archie every morning otherwise he ends up with matts in his fur, he hates being brushed even though we got him used to it from being a puppy. By the way, you’ve subscribed to my blog through Google, but there’s a box above that in my sidebar where you can subscribe by email if that’s what you’d prefer.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I’ll have to check our Cat walk this weekend. It’s supposed to snow again so I’m guessing I’ll be home. That grooming glove looks great. Do you know where Al got it?
    Glad the spray is helping your symptoms but sorry you’re still sick. I’m praying for you to be well soon.


  11. I might have to get one of those gloves. Giroux really doesn’t care for being brushed, but shedding season is rapidly approaching and I’d like to avoid the inevitable hairballs.


  12. Here is my experiment on the comment and if I have to fill in the info again. Yep, it’s empty.. but maybe if I fill it in and come back it will be there?? I’ll try that. Teresa 🙂


  13. I have one of those cat gloves. Tux hated to be brushed when I first got him, but he didn’t mind the glove – so I’d do a swipe or two with the glove, then one with the brush – soon he came to love the brush just as much!


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