Yes and No Weekend


Is this a black and white photo? NO. You are looking at Geneva Lake frozen and covered in snow.  There’s a little one in a blue hat holding hands with mom , as they look at the cars and fishing shacks on the ice.


Is this a baby sweater?  YES . It is the hood finish of Knitting Pure and Simple’s Easy Baby Cardigan.  It is officially on hold just as I most want to knit on it.  I was able to find more of this Lorna’s Laces color way from Jimmy Beans Wool.  Now we wait. But ! they will wind up to 3 skeins of yarn when you order from them.  All you do is ask in the message portion of the computer store page.

Do I have something else to knit on while I await the rest of the Lorna’s wool for the baby sweater?  YES. .  I have a baby sock, sitting in the wings, and it will need a partner.

Did I have a surprise this weekend?  YOU BETCHA!  images.jpeg

We have a channel on our DISH network that AXS channel.  Last night Fireman and I  found a Kenny Loggins Concert on AXS.   We love Kenny Loggins.  Jim Messina played and sang during part of the show.  Wow.  Their voices are still strong and amazing.  ( House at Pooh Corner, Forever, and I’m All Right, to name just a few) And Kenny is still easy on the eyes!

Finally, despite the slippery roads and snow, did i make it to the library for another sign language class? YES.   I swear, I am the slowest student to catch on to it all.  I am trying. Practice practice practice.


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24 thoughts on “Yes and No Weekend

  1. Geneva Lake does NOT freeze every year. This leads to cars, and snow mobiles and folks going through open water or thin ice patches. There are cars, huts and people pretty far out this year on the lake. Geneva Lake is 8 miles long so it freezes in some spots and not others. Im too fearful to walk out ……It would have to be really cold for a full week before I’d do it.


  2. I have a friend at the barn who is deaf. She is very skilled at lip reading. She helps me all the time by practicing! Kind of odd that Children of a lesser God was on last night. I watched a LOT of signing! Didn’t understand much of it. But a little!

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  3. Great start on the baby sweater. I like how you chose a nontraditional color. Can you practice with someone in your class or at the barn to keep your memory fresh on the sign language you’re learning?


  4. Lovely snow picture. My dad used to work with someone who was deaf, he used to go with him to a social club for deaf members and he picked up sign language from there. It always fascinated me as a child when I saw him communicating in this way. It’s a wonderful thing to learn.


  5. Sorry – And learning sign language isn’t easy. I took a couple of classes while I was teaching. Hang in there – you are probably learning more than you realize.


  6. I sure do like you slippers. I have never knit slippers as I am afraid they wouldn’t be the right size. I think I am a little crazy. And crawling to a front door – better safe than sorry. Great snowy photo too. Stay warm and safe.


  7. Loved that snowy picture! Does Lake Geneva freeze every year? That would be a lot of ice! Did I tell you we visited Jimmy Beans shop last summer? It’s amazing, and here I thought they were only online. Still snowy on our hill but we can at least get down it now.


  8. Watched CBS Sunday Morning yesterday, and they reported about a whole neighborhood who are learning to sign, since one couple’s daughter is deaf. What a wonderful show of niceness!


  9. Gosh – haven’t listened to (or thought of) Loggins & Messina in decades. I used to listen to them all the time. I like that snowy picture of the lake. Fun!


  10. Wow, Loggins and Messina! I adored them way back when. Glad to hear they still sound wonderful.

    Bummer about needing to wait for yarn, but of course you have something else to work on.

    I hope it is colorful, this black and white world grows overwhelming.


  11. We went to a magic show at our local coffee shop on Friday night. The magician was hearing impaired and signed much of his program. It was AWESOME!


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