Slippers Finished


My SLIPPERS FOR LAURA by Melissa Knits are finished.  This is my favorite slipper pattern.  I have nearly worn my others out. This simple pattern is created on straight needles. I used some Lornas Laces Sport Weight.   My other pair is made from Cascade 220 and I wonder if these will hold up as well.   Time will tell!

In other knit news, I have started a hooded baby sweater for a good friend’s first baby .  It is a girl baby , due in June.  I’m using the same Lorna’s Laces yarn that I used for the slippers to knit the sweater .  Im using Knitting Pure and Simple’s Easy Baby Cardigan pattern.

Thanks for all of your survey responses.  Here are the results in a nutshell from WHATS LOVE GOT TO DO WITH IT:

75% have a special item created for them by someone who has passed on.

64% of us have seen a heart shaped diamond.  (my engagement ring diamond is a heart)

Only 25% of us know a heart transplant donor or recipeint.  Al says that heart transplants are not nearly as numerous and kidney or pancreas transplants.

64% of us have had a long distance relationship.  (for 2 years in college, Fireman and I were apart)

67% love I love LUCY

80% of us would have trouble not knitting or crocheting for a month.

72% of us love a good nap.

and 69% of us love a pet as much as we love a person.

I saw a commercial for GOLD BOND Crack relief and I am thrilled someone made this product.  We get painful little cracks around our nails in the winter.  Have you tried this ?

Finally, 0-5.jpeg

We nearly had a deer join us for dinner the other night.  We have not seen deer  in our woods for months.  We have seen hoof prints, however.  This deer was alone. The next morning we had another smaller deer in the yard.  Fireman thinks they are having a tough time finding food in the ice and snow.  Today a whole family of deer were walking around our woods and yard.  Our cats watch them with fascination through the windows .

I have to tell you that we were invited for a lovely dinner at a friends home last night. Their driveway was a sheet of ice.  I LITERALLY got on  my hand and knees and crawled to their front door.  It was the only way I could be a hundred percent certain I wouldn’t fall. I bet the neighbors had a good laugh watching me!



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23 thoughts on “Slippers Finished

  1. We were caught in Mpls during a November ice storm a few years back. Sidewalks were suicidally icy, so I walked on the grass. But when having to cross a street — no grass, sob! — I took off my shoes and socks and walked barefoot. My tootsies got really cold, but they warmed up a LOT faster than a broken bone would have healed.


  2. You made me laugh! Currently Im barefoot to prevent a slip on our hardwood floors. That’s the trouble with cleaning… makes the floor slippery if any dusting spray accidentally gets on them


  3. Lovely slippers. I’ve taken so many bad falls from walking on ice even though I assured myself I would be extra specially careful. I give you all kinds of credit for going and having the sense to protect yourself know matter what the neighbors think.


  4. Nice finish on the slippers. I’ve knitted many pairs of the “TV Slippers” or “Family Slippers” (depending upon whose pattern you use), and I find they aren’t too terribly slippery. (We do have hardwood floors in most of our rooms.) But you have to feel secure, for sure. You don’t want to have to crawl throughout your own home! 😉


  5. The slippers look great! And I am sure the baby sweater will as well. Pretty yarn!

    The deer are hungry, for sure, poor things. We call them the big mice, because years ago our best hunting cat would track them from window to window, tail twitching, ready to pounce.

    Good for you crawling to the house! Surprised they didn’t sand or salt, knowing company was coming!


  6. The slippers look lovely and cosy. How wonderful seeing deer up close like that. I now have an image in my head of you on all fours crawling up a driveway, better than ending up flat on your back though.

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  7. I think you were smart to crawl! A friend is in the hospital with 5 cracked ribs and a collapsed lung from slipping on his father’s walk. Very scary stuff. Poor guy is in a lot of pain.
    I just love your slippers. I’ll have to try that pattern at some point.

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  8. Thanks….I now have another pattern added to my library. Love those slippers. How sweet to wake up and see fauna outside your home. All we see here are our neighbor’s cats lol. I remember those days of living in frozen tundra country. I too have crawled on ice to keep from visiting an emergency room.


  9. The slippers look great. Did you find a nonslip bottom for them? I would be curious as to what you’ve used. That is the only reason I don’t make slippers for myself. I’m afraid of falling.
    Which brings me to your crawling on the ice. I have done the same thing. Anything is better than falling. And who cares if the neighbors laughed!
    The deer are beautiful. We are having moose, mountain lion and elk sightings within a few miles of our house because of all of the cold and snow. I think they’re hungry.
    Blessings always, Betsy


  10. I am currently working with three kids under the age of 4 that have had heart transplants, and one who has had heart reconstruction. They are amazing little ones moving on with life no matter what. Hope you have a wonderful Saturday. Glad you were smart to crawl up to the door, falling on ice is no fun!


  11. Love those slippers!!!
    Our neighbor has a big covered trough that he puts deer food so we are rarely without them cutting through our woods to get to it. That’s all fine and dandy in the winter but when they stop to snack on my hostas…grrrr.


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